Ginko & Sabal Fortifying Shampoo by Reseed

All of us here at The Amazing Blog know how powerful and beautiful you can feel when you have a good hair day. Having healthy, full and bouncy hair can transform your confidence. A mere good hair day can help you get your voice heard in an important meeting, make you feel irresistible for a first date, or make wearing that new summer dress, the one that’s been sitting in your cupboard for weeks, a little less scary. For us, Reseed’s miraculous Ginkgo and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo is the product that gives us a spring in our hair and our step.

There is a reason that over 91% of Reseed users would use the products again, and it’s because of the specifically designed 3 step system Reseed has developed. Their products aim to prevent hair loss, restore and promote natural hair growth and strengthen the health of hair. All of which means their products lead to fuller, shinier and healthier hair. The use of biotechnology has led Reseed to develop products using natural ingredients and excluding additives like Minox Idil.  With essential pro-vitamins, this shampoo contains a unique synergy of active ingredients to cleanse away substances that can clog hair follicles (such as pollution, smoke and dirt). In addition, it increases the hair's structural fibres, strengthening the roots of the hair leaving softer, stronger and shinier locks. The Vitamin F Forte in the shampoo contains polyunsaturated essential free fatty acids which revitalise the hair's condition and prevent hair breakage – even after hair straighteners have frazzled the hair! The Vitamin E Acetate is an active antioxidant that is particularly good at protecting hair from the sun

This product is founded in nature and science and can do nothing but good in our eyes.  You can purchase Reseed’s Fortifying Shampoo here for £25.00.