Friday Favourites – Shampoos with a difference

Shampoo is a product nearly everyone uses, but how do you know you’re using the correct shampoo for your hair? I know that here at The Amazing Blog we are very particular about the type of shampoo that we choose to lather up with. Some of us use shampoos that are organic, vegan or to help stimulate hair growth. And with so many options, we find that it can be an overwhelming choice to find the right one for each of our hair types. For this week’s Friday Favourites, we have three new and different shampoos that are our #amazingfinds to share with you.


The first shampoo is the Reseed Ginkgo & Sabal Fortifying Shampoo. Reseed was created to help people achieve stronger, fuller and healthier hair. Reseed understands the impact that both hair loss and thinning can have on self-confidence and created their hair care line to help combat this. The products all use natural actives that work to prolong the hair’s lifecycle. We love that they use essential botanic extracts, pro-vitamins and minerals - all which strengthen the hair follicles.

The Reseed Ginkgo & Sabal Fortifying Shampoo restores the structural fibres of the hair while simultaneously increasing its density and nourishing from within. We liked the fresh, fruity fragrance of the Reseed Shampoo! It’s enriched with vitamins B5, B6, E, F and Zinc to support the scalp’s natural functions.

The Reseed Ginkgo & Sabal Fortifying Shampoo is suitable for all hair types. We’d certainly recommend this for anyone has either hair thinning or loss, or who just wants to prevent it. If you’d like to purchase the Reseed Shampoo it is £18 for 250ml and can be purchased here or it’s also available at Lloyds Pharmacy and Selfridges too.


Our next Friday favourite is the Lavera Neutral Shower Shampoo this is ideal for anyone with fine hair. Lavera has won over 350 awards, proving that natural hair and skincare products can be both sustainable and innovative. In Latin, Lavera means ‘the truth’, and at The Amazing Blog we’re big fans of this brand and know first hand that a brand name like Lavera can be trusted. All their products are 100% natural and have cruelty-free ingredients, we think that Lavera is a brand name that you can really get behind.

The Lavera Neutral Shower Shampoo leaves hair feeling clean with a healthy, natural shine. It’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or fine hair because it contains extremely mild cleansing ingredients. It’s also a 2-in-1 product that doubles as body wash, which is perfect for packing in your weekend bag to save on products. We love that it contains organic evening primrose oil, to soothe easily irritated skin and sea salt to stimulate hair growth. Need a break from harsh fragrance or ingredients? Then purchase Lavera Neutral Shower Shampoo here for £8.95 per 200ml.


Finally, we‘ve chosen the Foamie Hibiskiss Damaged Hair Shampoo Bar. This is a completely plastic-free design and also we like how the interesting design of the Foamie Shampoo Bar which is made as an easy-to-hold shampoo bar. Simple to use, just run the bar under water until it lathers up and you get a good amount of foam on your hands to massage through the hair, then rinse out. Simply hang it up on its loop to dry after use.

We love the simplicity of this bar making it ideal to travel with and perfect for holiday hair. The hibiscus and nettle extract combat brittle and tired-looking hair, they also help to strengthen and nourish from root to tip. It adds shine and structure to the hair while leaving an amazing floral fragrance. Think outside the bottle, with this Foamie Hibiskiss Damaged Hair Shampoo Bar available here for £7.00 a bar here. 

Whether you’re looking for plastic-free, multi-tasking or something to just boost your hair, we think we’ve got you covered.

Ginko & Sabal Fortifying Shampoo by Reseed

All of us here at The Amazing Blog know how powerful and beautiful you can feel when you have a good hair day. Having healthy, full and bouncy hair can transform your confidence. A mere good hair day can help you get your voice heard in an important meeting, make you feel irresistible for a first date, or make wearing that new summer dress, the one that’s been sitting in your cupboard for weeks, a little less scary. For us, Reseed’s miraculous Ginkgo and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo is the product that gives us a spring in our hair and our step.

There is a reason that over 91% of Reseed users would use the products again, and it’s because of the specifically designed 3 step system Reseed has developed. Their products aim to prevent hair loss, restore and promote natural hair growth and strengthen the health of hair. All of which means their products lead to fuller, shinier and healthier hair. The use of biotechnology has led Reseed to develop products using natural ingredients and excluding additives like Minox Idil.  With essential pro-vitamins, this shampoo contains a unique synergy of active ingredients to cleanse away substances that can clog hair follicles (such as pollution, smoke and dirt). In addition, it increases the hair's structural fibres, strengthening the roots of the hair leaving softer, stronger and shinier locks. The Vitamin F Forte in the shampoo contains polyunsaturated essential free fatty acids which revitalise the hair's condition and prevent hair breakage – even after hair straighteners have frazzled the hair! The Vitamin E Acetate is an active antioxidant that is particularly good at protecting hair from the sun

This product is founded in nature and science and can do nothing but good in our eyes.  You can purchase Reseed’s Fortifying Shampoo here for £25.00.