Hair, Nail & Cutlicle and Foot Masques by 7th Heaven

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If you fancy a quick salon-like experience, look no further than the range of body and hair masques by 7th Heaven. We at The Amazing Blog are big fans of an at-home pamper session, and these affordable yet luxurious masques are ideal. Even better, the masques are all vegan and cruelty-free.

Give your tresses a moisture boost, with the Hair Masques infused with nutritious ingredients including papaya, coconut oil, argan oil and honey. The masques are packed with natural nutrients, to nourish hair, treat dry tips and support follicle growth. You will be left with shinier, healthier locks.  Although perhaps a trivial matter of concern, finger nails also require strengthening and nourishment. For which, 7th Heaven's Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masque provide conditioning and protection with argan and macadamia oils and pomegranate. These are especially great for strengthening and nourishing your nails in between nail polish wears. For an all over hand treatment, the Softening Glove Masques deliver grounded shea nuts and pressed soybeans, bidding adieu to dry, chapped and rough hands.

You can't forget the feet, as they really do take the brunt of the work. If you're always on your feet, out and about, the heels can get cracked and dry. 7th Heaven's foot range includes the Smooth Heels Masque, made from natural sweet almond oil and shea butter, to deeply moisturise, smooth and soften those heels. To further pamper those feet, pop on a pair of Soften Sock Masques. In addition to almond oil and shea butter, the sock masques contain soybean to further rehydrate the feet.

Purchase 7th Heaven masques in stores such as Boots, Wilko and Claire's, or online from their official Amazon page from £1