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Friday Favourites - New Haircare

Gorgeous, healthy hair will never go out of style and here at The Amazing Blog we're always on the hunt for the latest haircare products to suit each of our specific needs. If like us, you have anything from the frizzy and unruly to the sensitive scalps or have hair loss issues, then we’ve got you covered. Please read on, as we’ve got some new and exciting brands to share with you.


There is nothing worse than unruly and frizzy hair. Those of us on this boat understand the struggle of styling this type of hair and the frustration of having it frizz-up within moments of styling.  However, the smoothing system from the new Australian brand evo got our tresses on a sleek lock-down. The creators at evo are a no frills, professional hair and beauty brand that tells it like it is. They are 'saving ordinary humans from themselves' and we like their straightforward attitude and cheeky personality that bursts from their luxurious products.

Does your hair eat combs for breakfast? Then this Lockdown Smoothing Treatment will become your newest ally in this crazy world of the hair battle. This 150ml bottle of 'liquid tamer' is formulated specifically with colour-treated, medium to course texture haired individuals. What makes this one stand out amongst the crowd for us is that it gives you the shine and smoothness you desire, without any of the weight or grease. We’ve said goodbye to those pesky strays and hello to sleek hair simplicity. This leave-in treatment is the hero of the line-up, which also has the mane tamer shampoo and conditioner. We adore the light, refreshing and subtly sweet scent of the lime and the way our hair seems to get softer with each use. You can purchase the Lockdown Smoothing Treatment here for £29.95

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Next up is a new discovery for us, so we’d like to formally introduce you to Halier, a new Polish brand that specialises in creating haircare products that promote growth and prevent hair loss. They use the latest scientific technologies to provide effective products. We asked to try out their Fortesse Shampoo and Conditioner and one of us in particularly has been enjoying using them to help build up the quality of her hair.

Fortesse Shampoo works to prevent excessive hair loss and promote healthy hair growth while cleansing and preventing split ends. The shampoo is able to do so because it contains the Advanced Hair Booster ™ Formula. This formula specifically works to condition hair follicles, improve hair elasticity and regenerate the scalp. The product also contains horsetail leaf extract, fatty acids esters from olive oil, saw palmetto extract, biotin, and vitamin B3. These unique ingredients help to create moisture-rich hair that is healthy and full of vitality. We found that our hair has been noticeably shinier and much easier to style. Fortesse Conditioner contains the Hair Vitality Complex ™ Formula which works to prevent excessive hair loss and boost hair growth. It also contains horsetail leaf extract, fatty acids esters from olive oil, saw palmetto extract, biotin, vitamin B3 and ricin oil. The combination of ingredients in this conditioner work to reduce hair loss, promote hair growth, balance oil production, and promote hydration.

After using the combination of these two products we noticed that not only did our hair smell great, but after a few washes we noticed our hair was healthier with less hair loss and giving us a fuller head of hair. The only caution we have to flag-up with this haircare system is that it is not a colour-safe, so if you colour your hair, please do a patch test first. You can purchase a 250ml bottle of Halier Fortesse Shampoo here for £29 and you can purchase a 150ml bottle of Halier Fortesse Conditioner here for £32.

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Finally, we're featuring an organic and natural haircare which almost feels like it came from 'mother nature' herself. These products are particularly for those of you with super-sensitive scalps, and/or chemically coloured or treated hair too. Both these products are from the very special myrto naturalcosmetics where we tried the Bio Shampoo Sea Buckthorn Chia and Bio Antistatic Hair Oil which are sourced straight from plants to give the hair the best natural shine, volume and vibrancy.  myrto naturalcosmetics is a German skin and haircare brand by Eva Silvana Kruck, founded in 2012 myrto strives to produce products sourcing only the freshest and most natural ingredients wherever possible; which means small batches with no preservatives or chemicals. Eva was initially motivated to create her own product line due to the needs of her own children's skin disorders. She paired up with Prof. Dr. Peter Kruck to create a range of organic effective, nourishing and natural beauty products for everyone

This shampoo is perfect for dry, dull, damaged and chemically treated hair. The combination of sea buckthorn fruit oil and organic chia seed extract work to strengthen every hair fibre, add luminous shine and help to prevent hair breakage. Derived from plant amino acids, the gentle wash-active cleansers in this shampoo leave your hair clean but never stripped of the essential oils naturally produced on the scalp. We loved this shampoo with its invigorating sea buckthorn fruity fragrance. A little goes a long way with this one and you can even dilute it with a bit of water for extra sensitive scalps that still need a good cleanse. The Bio Shampoo Sea Buckthorn Chia is available to purchase here for €9.50. 

The Bio Antistatic Hair Oil has already found its way into our Executive Editor's bathroom! This magical hair oil is an intensive repair for fine and chemically treated hair, and extremely effective if you also happen to have fly-away/statically charged tresses. Containing organic cold-pressed seed oils from macadamia, jojoba and basbass it is a superb hair repair complex that smoothes the surface of the damaged hair fibres giving deep regeneration for split-ends.  You can purchase Bio Antistatic Hair Oil here for €16.50. What we love about all the myrto naturalcosmetics products is that they have no preservatives, alcohol, silicones, petroleum derivatives, synthetic colouring or artificial fragrances. These products are also without the genetic modification or nanoparticles and... are vegan!

Hair, Nail & Cutlicle and Foot Masques by 7th Heaven

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If you fancy a quick salon-like experience, look no further than the range of body and hair masques by 7th Heaven. We at The Amazing Blog are big fans of an at-home pamper session, and these affordable yet luxurious masques are ideal. Even better, the masques are all vegan and cruelty-free.

Give your tresses a moisture boost, with the Hair Masques infused with nutritious ingredients including papaya, coconut oil, argan oil and honey. The masques are packed with natural nutrients, to nourish hair, treat dry tips and support follicle growth. You will be left with shinier, healthier locks.  Although perhaps a trivial matter of concern, finger nails also require strengthening and nourishment. For which, 7th Heaven's Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masque provide conditioning and protection with argan and macadamia oils and pomegranate. These are especially great for strengthening and nourishing your nails in between nail polish wears. For an all over hand treatment, the Softening Glove Masques deliver grounded shea nuts and pressed soybeans, bidding adieu to dry, chapped and rough hands.

You can't forget the feet, as they really do take the brunt of the work. If you're always on your feet, out and about, the heels can get cracked and dry. 7th Heaven's foot range includes the Smooth Heels Masque, made from natural sweet almond oil and shea butter, to deeply moisturise, smooth and soften those heels. To further pamper those feet, pop on a pair of Soften Sock Masques. In addition to almond oil and shea butter, the sock masques contain soybean to further rehydrate the feet.

Purchase 7th Heaven masques in stores such as Boots, Wilko and Claire's, or online from their official Amazon page from £1

LaCoupe Orgnx Coconut and Macadamia Oil Collection

blog image The weather can wreck havoc on our hair, in the Summer UV rays damage the melanin in our hair; and in the Winter, the changes between the cold, dry outside air and the warmth inside our homes and offices lifts the cuticle of our hair and the moisture is leached from it, leaving us with frizzy and unruly locks! When we girls at The Amazing Blog heard about the LaCoupe Orgnx Coconut and Macadamia Oil Collection we just had to get our hands on it!

The Coconut and Macadamia Oil Collection is a specially designed hair care range that protects the hair from the environment that can damage the hair. As Autumn is well and truly underway now we thought this would be a perfect time to test out the shampoo and conditioner.

The smell of the products is wonderful thanks to the coconut and macadamia oil, and I found that it lingered in my throughout the day. These oils are two of our favourite due to their luxurious moisturising qualities. After using the shampoo and conditioner on my dry and unruly hair, I found that it really did work to hydrate my locks, and left my hair not only smelling delightful, but also looking shinier and healthier than it has in ages. Both the shampoo and conditioner are lightweight formulas that can transform dry, frizzy and damaged hair into shiny healthy hair that is stronger and softer – and smells like a summer holiday even in the depths of winter!

If you want to get your hands on this moisturising hair collection, check out the LaCoupe website or you can purchase the Shampoo and conditioner, both £10.95 each for 300ml instore at Harvey Nichols or from the Nutri Beauty Products website.

PURE Papaya Ointment

As we've mentioned a many times before, the gang at The Amazing Blog loves allrounder products. The winter has been and is being very harsh - gloves, faux fur coats and good boots keep us protected from the entreme cold. One beauty product that we've been relying on lately is PURE Papaya Ointment - the 100% natural, petrochemical-free skin care essential from Australia.

In addition to papaya, or paw paw; ingredients include soothing calendula, shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, styrax benzoin resin, silica, beeswax and vitamin E. PURE Papaya Ointment soothes, moisturises and protects your skin - it goes beyond a lip balm, a body butter or a body oil; it's the ultimate multipurpose skin care product that can be used for so many skin ailments. The girls at The Amazing Blog always carry one these tubes in their bags! It has quickly become one of our handbag essentials.

You can use PURE Papaya Ointment as a lip balm, a body moisturiser, as an aftercare for tattoos, post epilation, post shave, as an eyecream... it's versatility leaves us speechless.

You can purchase this winter skincare essential though their website.