Shea Butter Shower Gel and Aloe Mouthwash - Organii

It's no surprise that The Amazing Blog are crazy about natural products. We believe that natural skincare is one of the best remedies for a variety of skin problems. Organii has a brilliant range, full of organic products for everyday use. We received two of these, a Shea Butter Shower Gel and Aloe Mouthwash.

Organii is an excellent brand for families, as their products are formulated to suit everyone from adults to children. We tried one of their Shower Gels, which was enriched with Shea Butter and left a great scent even hours after showering. You can use it every day on skin and even in your hair if you wanted! The product does not contain synthetics, colourants, or fragrances, and 99.5% of its ingredients are extracted from organic elements which help to smooth and soften skin. It is also available in a variety of scents such as Strawberry, Argan, Liquorice and Aloe Bamboo.

The second product we tried was the Aloe Mouthwash with Eucalyptus. It tasted great, similar to peppermint gum, something that kids may love. To feel the mouthwash's benefits, we suggest swirling the product thoroughly around your mouth at least once per day.

Not only does the brand use ingredients originating from vegetables, Organii's products do not contain any animal by-products or wheat whatsoever. These vegan products are suitable for everybody and we think they are a great brand to try if you are trying to live more consciously.

Grab Organii – Everyday Organics products for the whole family. You can get the Shea Butter Shower Gel here for £5.95 and the Aloe Mouthwash here for £5.95.