Harmonising Body Wash & Harmonising Body Cream - Primavera

Whether it is cold and rainy, or hot and muggy, a good long shower is often the only thing that can lift your spirits. Washing away all the sweat, pollution, or rain seems to wash away the stress and negativity you can carry around. Not only is it relaxing, but having clean and nourished skin, we would argue, is the ultimate refresher and quick pick me up. As such we, at The Amazing Blog, were thrilled after being introduced to Primavera and their fantastic Harmonising Body Wash and Harmonising Body Cream.

Both products made us feel perfectly relaxed after the hustle and bustle of the day! With the cleansing scent of Rose and Osmanthus, we felt completely clean, ready and composed for the day and evening ahead. The mild foam of the Primavera Body Wash gently, but efficiently, removed dead and dry skin cells, as well as dirt, leaving our skin feeling fresh and healthy. The Body Wash contains plant oils and protective vitamins to help hydrate skin. We would recommend using Primavera’s, rich and luxurious, Harmonising Body Cream after your shower. The cream locks in moisture, leaving skin looking and feeling more revived and radiant all day long. The Organic Essential Rose Oil and Osmanthus Essential Oil promote cell renewal for an even tone. The Shea Butter and Organic Sallow Thorn Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and pro-Vitamin A, both help to restore and maintain skin health, while also protecting it from developing wrinkles. We found that both products, but especially the body cream, were excellent at helping to sooth sunburn.

Both products smell amazing and are 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh and drying chemicals. You can purchase the Harmonising Body Wash here for £13.00 and the Harmonising Body Cream here for £25.00. While you are on their site, have a little look at some of the other products they sell. Primavera offers a wide range of luxurious natural and organic skincare products, based on aromatherapy principles to help balance your body and your mind.