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Myrto Argan Bio Body Wash


Cold weather and dry skin go hand-in-hand, so it has been our mission here at The Amazing Blog to stop the cycle. It’s hard to resist a long hot shower or a bath when the weather is so currently dreary, Summer? What summer! So instead we have made it a point to find a bodycare regime that keeps our skin seriously hydrated. We were sent the Argan Bio Body Wash in Cassis Schizandra from Myrto  This is one of our favourite and most recent organic brands #amazingfinds  and our skin has never felt or looked better!

Most shower gels contain harsh ingredients that focus on cleansing, which often leaves our skin even drier than before.  We used the Argan Bio Body Wash because it uses mild amino acids that cleanse the skin, and are gentle enough to preserve and protect the skin lipid barrier without any use of irritating alcohols, preservatives, or emulsifiers. Instead, Myrto uses skin-loving ingredients like hand-pressed organic Argan oil, which instantly nourishes the skin. This is so gentle with a pH value of 5,0 to 5,5 that you can use it as a 2-in-1 product for both body and hair!

There are three different body washes that will cater to your specific skin needs. Both the Pomegranate and Cassis Schizandra Body Wash have been formulated to suit sensitive skin types. The Myrtle Tea Tree is perfect for sensitive skin that is prone to impurities, while still maintaining the skin’s moisture. Myrto also recommends this one to men with very short hair who want an all in one product.

All three of the Myrto Argan Body Washes are organic, vegan and come in two sizes: A 100ml size for £10.50 and a 500ml for £43.40 and you can purchase them both here.

Manna face & bodycare

You know how much we at The Amazing Blog appreciate an ethical beauty company, so once you hear a little more about today's featured brand, the wonderful Mannayou'll understand why we are obsessed with them! Not only are they cruelty-free (and with the German accreditation from BDIH), they are also an organic brand from Hungary, that was recently recognised by The Vegan Society, for their world-class formulas and quality products. Today we look at Manna's fabulous Body Wash and their brilliant soaps. 

Manna's Body Wash is made with Neroli oil, which is renowned for its calming properties to both the mind and body. Making this the perfect relaxing product to use at the end of a busy day. The uniqueness of the product lies in its captivating fragrance and versatility of usage. Infused with high-vitamin sunflower oil and sesame oil the Body Wash provides extra-hydration to the skin, whilst its floral scent lasts all day long.

Manna’s soaps are the perfect unisex face soaps which are formulated for anyone looking for carefully selected organic ingredients that also offer unique health benefits. The Facial Cleansing Soap with Camphor addresses specific skin issues and aids to diminish the appearance of spots and blackheads. The COCO Lavender Soap enriched with coconut oil and Shea butter deeply cleanses normal skin types, leaving it nourished and velvety soft; whilst the White Satin Facial Cleansing Soap is the perfect option for anyone with sensitive skin. These soaps are a bathroom essential, bringing a gentleness and wonderfully natural approach to your cleansing routine.

The Manna shower gel is available here for £7.40, and the soaps can be purchased here for £6.20.

Harmonising Body Wash & Harmonising Body Cream - Primavera

Whether it is cold and rainy, or hot and muggy, a good long shower is often the only thing that can lift your spirits. Washing away all the sweat, pollution, or rain seems to wash away the stress and negativity you can carry around. Not only is it relaxing, but having clean and nourished skin, we would argue, is the ultimate refresher and quick pick me up. As such we, at The Amazing Blog, were thrilled after being introduced to Primavera and their fantastic Harmonising Body Wash and Harmonising Body Cream.

Both products made us feel perfectly relaxed after the hustle and bustle of the day! With the cleansing scent of Rose and Osmanthus, we felt completely clean, ready and composed for the day and evening ahead. The mild foam of the Primavera Body Wash gently, but efficiently, removed dead and dry skin cells, as well as dirt, leaving our skin feeling fresh and healthy. The Body Wash contains plant oils and protective vitamins to help hydrate skin. We would recommend using Primavera’s, rich and luxurious, Harmonising Body Cream after your shower. The cream locks in moisture, leaving skin looking and feeling more revived and radiant all day long. The Organic Essential Rose Oil and Osmanthus Essential Oil promote cell renewal for an even tone. The Shea Butter and Organic Sallow Thorn Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and pro-Vitamin A, both help to restore and maintain skin health, while also protecting it from developing wrinkles. We found that both products, but especially the body cream, were excellent at helping to sooth sunburn.

Both products smell amazing and are 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh and drying chemicals. You can purchase the Harmonising Body Wash here for £13.00 and the Harmonising Body Cream here for £25.00. While you are on their site, have a little look at some of the other products they sell. Primavera offers a wide range of luxurious natural and organic skincare products, based on aromatherapy principles to help balance your body and your mind. 

Savon Stories

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Sometimes we beauty-lovers pay so much attention to our beauty products that we neglect our body-care routines and settle for the most inexpensive body washes at our local Boots. We at The Amazing Blog are certainly guilty of this, so we’ve made a conscious effort to move onto healthier and more organic products for our bodies as well as our faces.  Savon Stories is a company that firmly believes in handcrafting organic remedies for enduring health and beauty. We were given the opportunity to try a body wash, bar soap and lotion bar.

The Lime & Bergamot Organic Hand & Body Wash is 99% Organic and 100% Natural. It’s been cold-processed to retain as many benefits as possible from the blend of hydrating extra virgin Greek olive oil, nourishing coconut oil, castor, hempseed, and fragrant essential oils. The result is an ultra moisturising product that smells out of this world. The Bamboo Charcoal Bar Soap with Bergamot, Lavender & Rose Geranium is specially formulated to draw out toxins and absorb excess oil while deeply cleansing pores. This aromatic floral-citrus blend is highly recommended for oily and acne prone skin. Lastly we tried out the Argan Oil Lotion Bar with Mandarin, Neroli & Lavender. This solid moisturising bar is made from cold-pressed organic oils and butters that deliver vitamins, antioxidants & regenerative minerals. We love that it’s quick absorbing, leaving our skin smooth and non-greasy with a sweet citrusy and cocoa-y aroma.

Invest in some organic products with Savon Stories. You can purchase the Hand & Body washes here, the Bar Soaps here, and the Lotion Bars here.

Hand Wash, Body Wash & Hydrating Conditioner - Tamese&Jackson

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love winding down from a long week with a nice hot bath, fragrant candle, and a copy of the new James Patterson book. We love anything that can make our bathing experience more relaxing, and Tamese&Jackson’s Lime&Reyhan Body Wash, Lime&Reyhan Hydrating Conditioner, and Blue Orchid Hand Wash will take you to a world of tranquility.

Tamese & Jackson has created a collection that will have you relaxed within a matter of moments. Containing ginger root extract, the body wash and hydrating conditioner have natural anti-oxidant properties known to stimulate and improve the skin and scalp by removing toxins. The hydrating conditioner stimulates the hair follicles, leaving your hair feeling smooth and silky. The Blue Orchid hand wash contains papaya fruit extract, which will hydrate your skin, making it feel smooth and soft. All three products are paraben-free, suitable for vegetarians, and halal certified as well!

To get that relaxing bathing experience, check out Tamese & Jackson products; Blue Orchid Hand Wash here for £3.95, Lime & Reyhan Body Wash here for £3.95, and the Hydrating Conditioner here for £5.95.