Home Fragrances – Scent Elite, Maiden, Orla Kieley, Miller Harris


There’s something about a fragrance that gives a home a sense of identity, and here at The Amazing Blog we have selected a few products to give your home the beautiful scent it deserves. From candles to reed diffusers, there's an option for everyone. 

ScentElite has been living up to its name with their range of luxurious Reed Diffusers, packaged in stunning handmade boxes and wrapped in mauve tissue paper.

Once opened the glass diffuser with its crisp white fibre reeds, makes an opulent addition to any room. We had the opportunity to try The Tea diffuser; the liquid is similar to the colour of a Peridot gem and the scent is warm and floral with a hint of citrus. ScentElite uses 100% pure essential oils and top quality perfume concentrates. They use 8 reed diffusers to keep the scent working for up to 8 weeks - you definitely get your money’s worth! We loved the beautiful packaging and care that evidently went into these diffusers, but the crowning glory of the product was without a doubt the scent. If you fancy a coming home to a warm floral scent order yours here now for £23.

If candles are more your style, we've found a unique alternative to your regular scented candles. Maiden Dorset have created the Curve Candle; that’s right, a handmade curved scented candle.

We were lucky enough to try the Butterfly Lace, which is overlaid with beautiful wax lace and finished with a handmade wax butterfly. All of the candles at Maiden Dorset are handmade and can  be used in two different ways to create different ambiances. For an subtle glow, place a tea light behind the curve of the candle to highlight the intricate carvings on the candle, or simply light the three wicks at the top of the candle for a more traditional look.  The candles come in a variety of scents, we in particular loved the soft English Rose, and can be bought from Maiden Dorset's website here for £28.

For those who prefer more vibrant home fragrances, we love Orla Kiely's Sicilian Lemon Scented Candle to give your home a bright, zesty feel.

This is one for all the citrus lovers out there; it’s a striking candle that will certainly bright up any home with its scent and detailed glass holder. The candle is a blend of uplifting pure oils; Sicilian lemon, mint and lavender, with a warm hint of frankincense. We found that the scent reminded us of a rich and creamy lemon cheesecake, yummy! The glass case is sturdy and detailed with climbing yellow daisies in a futuristic design - it would make a great addition to a room in need of some colour. We loved the rich lemon scent, the thoughtful addition of a heat mat, and how long lasting the product is (it burns for up to 50 hours). Want a candle that smells good enough to eat? Pick yours up here for £25.

It seems that winter is truly upon us, and with it the distant memories of Pina Coladas and the palm trees of summer. Never fear though, Miller Harris has created the beautiful La Pluie candle, inspired by the tropical climate of Mauritius, to bring a little bit of sunshine back into your living room during these dull, dreary winter months. 

We loved the gorgeous combination of tangerine, lavender, cassis, ylang ylang and jasmine which will make you feel as if your lying on a beach in no time! Each scent complements to other to create a soft but intense fragrance that leaves your room feeling like a tropical paradise. If you want to bring some warmth and exoticism to your home, get your own candle here for £40.00.