What Skin Needs

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love nothing more than a healthy dewy complexion. Unfortunately with winter approaching dryness and damage will likely be on the menu. We feel that the What Skin Needs’ Skin Balm is the answer to our skin problems.  What Skin Needs focuses on providing us with a combination of the finest natural ingredients to create intensive skincare solutions. We couldn’t wait to try this out for ourselves.

The Skin Balm is a thick, fragrant cream that absorbs within seconds. There is no greasy residue that leaves you feeling like you’ve just bathed in oil. The Balm is extremely moisturising and hydrating, but the star of the show in this product is the Plantolin extract. This is what makes the Skin Balm the new Holy Grail for sensitive skin. It is applauded for its soothing and repairing abilities, and encourages skin renewal to keep future skin healthy.

The balm ensured that we had no dry or damaged skin throughout our time using it; we loved the quick absorption that meant we could apply as and when we needed it. After a few applications we were left with beautiful soft skin without the hassle. Sensitive skin can breathe a sigh of relief as the cream is both gentle and effective. Don’t live with your skin problems; get your own Skin Balm here for £13.99.