John Masters - Organics Body Scrub

The team here at The Amazing Blog have been ready for summer since Christmas ended, so we need to make sure our bodies are ready for the sunshine and parties ahead of us. After brushing up on our fitness, we needed to upgrade our beauty routine, so we turned to the body scrubs from John Masters Organics.

Since our skin will be revealed more than ever during the warmer months, we want to make sure it’s silky smooth and glowing. These body scrubs can be used once or twice a week to remove dead skin and reveal healthy, revived skin. Each scent – Fresh, Sweet and Relaxing – is designed to complement your mood, with proper ingredients corresponding to its name. All of the scrubs in the range are 100% organic and contain a moisturising base of coconut and shea butters and complementary essential oils.

At the office, our favourite scrub was Fresh, since its strong citrus aroma energised us and had us day dreaming about sipping cool drinks by the ocean. The size of the container made it easy to hold when we used it in the shower, and its travel-friendly container allows you to take it on-the-go with ease so you can have smooth silky skin wherever you are.

For your own luxury exfoliating experience, pick up your own container of scrub here for £16.00