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Rosenserien's Shampoo and Body Scrub

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Rosenserien is a brand that we know and love at The Amazing Blog. We have featured both their Natural Deodorant (click here) and Self Tan (click here) products as part of our Friday Favourites, and featured their Wash and Shave Gel for Men last year (click here). We were therefore thrilled when they surprised us with two new products, their Shampoo and Body Srub. Both are based on litsea cubeba, an Asian cleansing and refreshing plant, providing a detoxing effect to both your skin and hair simultaneously. They are also 100% vegan and natural, without the use of harsh chemicals or parabens.

Revealing the sweet natural scent of roses when opened, the 65% organic Shampoo immediately enticed us. With the uses of green tea and nourishing camelina oil, the ingredients work together to allow this shampoo to become an all-around package for your hair. It is suitable for all hair types and does excellent work on split ends (which is a problem we all share). Even dry and sensitive scalps will love this treatment. Fancy a little insider tip? Add some drops of jojoba oil for an extra nourishing hair mask.

Just as we uneartheated silky smooth hair, we wanted to replicate this on our bodies. That’s when the Body Scrub came into play. It smooths, softens, tightens and strengthens your skin, and with the use of organic and fair trade marked aloe vera as a base, this scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, while moisturising at the same time. The ingredients open your pores and leave your skin smooth and firm. Spreading a fresh citrus scent, this 84% organic product is your perfect companion for smooth skin, and is excellent when used before tanning, and before and after waxing.

To treat yourself to smooth hair this January, then you can purchase the Shampoo here for £17. Equally, for silky smooth skin, the Body Scrub can be purchased here for £24.

Grapefruit Blend Body Scrub - Bean Burst

At The Amazing Blog we love to find solutions to treat our skin the way it deserves to be treated. The natural Blend Body Scrub created by Bean Burst will make such a difference to your skin that you’ll be proud of it.

Bean Burst is on a mission, working to create natural remedies to clear, balance and awaken the skin with 100% natural products. The range of Blend Body Scrubs includes 3 different aromas: Grapefruit, Peppermint and Orange. We tried the Grapefruit Blend which works to eradicate cellulite, stretch marks, acne, scarring and dry skin, and we loved the strong scent. Use the scrub in circular motions and once rubbed into the skin leave for 5 to 10 minutes allowing the Grapefruit Blend to clear any congested skin, whilst the fragrances uplift your senses and liberate you from stress. Throughout the range you can find a product to match your skin type to help any niggling skin concerns which do not contain any parabens, parfums or mineral oils. The ingredients are certified high quality and natural including: Robusta coffee, antioxidants coming from marula oil, pink Himalayan salt which is the purest in the world, vitamins, and virgin coconut oil. The product combines these natural powerhouses to form anti-ageing, exfoliating and hydrating benefits.

We loved it, now it is your turn to try it and give your skin some love thanks to Bean Burst’s Grapefruit Blend Body Scrub available here for £ 15.

Chocolate Beauty for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, a few of us at The Amazing Blog are starting to crave those Easter chocolates and sweets, and we figured you might be feeling the same way. However, none of us can afford to eat all of that excess sugar, so instead we’ve prepared a few alternatives: chocolate inspired beauty products! All of these products either have cocoa infused in them or smell deliciously of chocolate, but have none of the calories so feel free to indulge. 

Christopher Courtney offers a luxurious Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Spa Body Scrub that you can use for a decadent pampering session at home. This exfoliator is rich in anti-aging properties and multi-vitamins to rejuvenate and revive dull skin. Key ingredients include: Cocoa Extract, Mango Powder, Pineapple Powder, Honey, Aloe, Apricot Kernel Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Calendula Oil, Marshmallow Extract, Nettle Extract, Rooibos Extract, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and Mandarin Essential Oil. Your skin will be left feeling buttery soft and smelling like cocoa.

Pick up a jar of this luxurious scrub for yourself or as a gift to friends or family here for £31.


Everyone knows about the cult favorite Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette by Too Faced, but have you seen the newest member of the collection? Introducing the Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection, a palette filled with 16 matte and shimmer eye shadow shades in the shape of little hearts. So cute we could just eat it! Each shadow is infused with anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder, so it smells absolutely divine too. The palette gives you 11 neutral shades plus 5 pops of color so you have plenty of room to experiment with loads of different looks. If you’re not that adventurous or just not sure where to begin, Too Faced also includes three looks in their signature Glamour Guide to help you get started.

These Chocolate Bon Bons are guaranteed to last you much longer than a few pieces of chocolate. Get it here for £37.


We know everyone goes crazy over Lush‘s holiday themed products, and we love them too so we definitely recommend picking up a few new bath bombs—but what we’d really like to focus on is the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask that’s available all-year round (you’ll be glad about this). It features Rhassoul mud, a highly absorbent ingredient that works with cocoa powder to draw out dirt and impurities—leaving you with a deeply cleansed face. Fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin whilst linseed and cocoa butter do the moisturising work for you. Only 10-15 minutes are needed for you to see a significant improvements in the texture of your skin!

This vegan friendly and cruelty-free product is available for £6.75 here.


We all hate the toxic smell of nail polish remover, so why not swap out yours with one that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth? Ciate’s new Choc Pot Dark Chocolate Nail Polish Remover is a nourishing and gentle formula that will quickly remove your existing nail polish so you can switch up your mani in a matter of moments. The non-drying acetone-free formulation is enriched with intensely hydrating Marula Oil, Vitamins B5 and E to condition and care for nails while leaving behind a deliciously chocolately aroma!

Get rid of that nasty smelling polish remover and get a chocolate scented one here for £6.

John Masters - Organics Body Scrub

The team here at The Amazing Blog have been ready for summer since Christmas ended, so we need to make sure our bodies are ready for the sunshine and parties ahead of us. After brushing up on our fitness, we needed to upgrade our beauty routine, so we turned to the body scrubs from John Masters Organics.

Since our skin will be revealed more than ever during the warmer months, we want to make sure it’s silky smooth and glowing. These body scrubs can be used once or twice a week to remove dead skin and reveal healthy, revived skin. Each scent – Fresh, Sweet and Relaxing – is designed to complement your mood, with proper ingredients corresponding to its name. All of the scrubs in the range are 100% organic and contain a moisturising base of coconut and shea butters and complementary essential oils.

At the office, our favourite scrub was Fresh, since its strong citrus aroma energised us and had us day dreaming about sipping cool drinks by the ocean. The size of the container made it easy to hold when we used it in the shower, and its travel-friendly container allows you to take it on-the-go with ease so you can have smooth silky skin wherever you are.

For your own luxury exfoliating experience, pick up your own container of scrub here for £16.00