Kelp & Spirulina HAIR, SKIN & NAILS Supplement - SuperFoodLx

We at The Amazing Blog are definitely not afraid to admit that we’re always searching for ways to improve our hair, skin, and nails. While switching up our beauty products can be effective, there are also many dietary supplements that can help us on our journey to thicker hair, stronger nails, and more vibrant skin.

SuperFoodLx’s Kelp & Spirulina HAIR SKIN & NAILS supplement is a blend of vitamins and minerals designed to improve the hair, skin, and nails from the inside out. It features Kelp and Spirulina, two ingredients known for their high nutritional value and ability to speed up hair growth. The multi-vitamin also contains ingredients such as Biotin, MSM, and Vitamin E, all renown for their abilities to boost the health of our long locks. The supplement even works to prevent flaking nails and reduce itchy scalps as well!

The Kelp and Spirulina HAIR, SKIN & NAILS supplement is available here for £31 for a 1-2 month supply (60 capsules).