Totally Derma ® by Boley Nutraceuticals

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We’ve all heard about how important is to incorporate sunscreens, serums and moisturisers to our daily routine as we get older, but Boley Nutraceuticals has totally changed the way we at The Amazing Blog are thinking about anti-ageing skincare. While a good SPF and retinol serum are great to have in your bathroom cabinet, Boley’s ground-breaking product Totally Derma® Nutraceuticals Collagen Drink Supplement focuses on working from the inside out.

Many brands today push for topical-only application of anti-ageing ingredients but Totally Derma® focuses on counteracting both the more aesthetic signs of ageing as well as the underlying physiological processes that are harder to see with the naked eye. Launched in 2017, Totally Derma® has been clinically-proven to increase Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in the body, and it contains Arthred®, a pre-digested and highly-absorbable bovine collagen, which contributes to skin firmness and elasticity. Even better is that the bovine collagen is so pure that it is hypoallergenic, therefore perfect for those who have digestive problems.

In addition, the increased levels of HA and Collagen have also shown improvements in not only skin, joints, hair, nails, bones; but also even in gut inflammation, bladder, urethra and vagina health too. Totally Derma® also contains other antioxidants like zinc, green tea extract and grape-seed extract to help collagen synthesis and ageing tissue. These health-boosting ingredients are taken once a day, from one level scoop daily into 250 ml of water or juice. After digestion, Totally Derma® is 95 % absorbed in the small intestine and then distributed to the skin to stimulate cells to produce more collagen and HA in the body. Even better about this collagen drink is easy to take and palatable, adding a little boost to your day and body. To purchase a tub of Totally Derma and start hydrating your body, see here for your 360 mg 30 day supply at £105.

Absolute Collagen - Protein Rich Marine Collagen Supplement For Men

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Superfoods and supplements have become more and more popular over the past years and we at The Amazing Blog are always on the lookout for new and beneficial supplements to include in our diet. There is still a big trend for ingestible beauty supplements (which means beauty products you swallow rather than apply to your skin) particularly those that are collagen or hyaluronic acid based. We were very interested to hear that the award-winning British brand Absolute Collagen had launched the first-ever men’s ingestible beauty supplement, their Protein Rich Marine Collagen Supplement. We applaud this brand for recognising the need for specific male skincare supplements.

The Protein Rich Marine Collagen has numerous benefits. Fish collagen has superior bioavailability, which means it’s quickly absorbed into the body when digested. Once in the bloodstream, it starts working its magic. The Absolute Collagen supplement encourages the fibroblasts responsible for collagen reproduction to kick-start and therefore helps to fight signs of ageing.

One sachet of 10ml makes a daily dose of the marine collagen. The Supplement is as ‘absolute’ as possible, containing vitamin C for absorption and lemon and sucralose for taste. You can take the marine collagen direct from the sachet or mix it with hot and cold drinks or even add it to yoghurt – the possibilities are endless. We only had a two week supply, and I would like to add that probably I need a lot longer time than just a few weeks, to see significant results. However, I have to say that my joints felt more fluid and my fine lines did start to look slightly more plumped-out. The supplement does actually boast that the skin will look smoother, plumper and more hydrated, so perhaps this is just the start. They also state that the collagen benefits nails, joints, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons as well. I'm very tempted to keep going and order more! You too can order a 14-day supply of the Protein Rich Marine Collagen Supplement for Men here for £29.99.

Primal Goddess - Planet Paleo

We love an effective supplement here at The Amazing Blog, especially one that tastes good! So when we tried Planet Paleo's new supplement powder called Primal Goddess, we had to tell you all about it! This product contains pure raised bovine collagen plus a carefully selected blend of synergistic primal herbs and co-active nutrients!

The product has a formula specifically designed to work miracles on hair, skin and nails! Containing high levels of Zinc, Primal Goddess helps aid the skin with the production of collagen and keratin. It also boosts the body with necessary antioxidants from rich berries, such as schizandra and goji. On top of all this, it is an excellent source for that much sort after skin favourites like biotin and hyaluronic acid!

Simply take 1/1.5 scoops a day with food by mixing it into 200ml of juice, or even just water – the powder tastes so good that it’s perfectly pleasant on its own! It is recommended though that you drink at least 2 litres of water a day when taking this supplement, due to the hyaluronic acid it contains. Staying well hydrated is a known way to help keep skin healthy and youthful, so the added boost in your daily intake is most definitely a help instead of a hindrance!

You can purchase Planet Paleo's Primal Goddess here for £35!

Kelp & Spirulina HAIR, SKIN & NAILS Supplement - SuperFoodLx

We at The Amazing Blog are definitely not afraid to admit that we’re always searching for ways to improve our hair, skin, and nails. While switching up our beauty products can be effective, there are also many dietary supplements that can help us on our journey to thicker hair, stronger nails, and more vibrant skin.

SuperFoodLx’s Kelp & Spirulina HAIR SKIN & NAILS supplement is a blend of vitamins and minerals designed to improve the hair, skin, and nails from the inside out. It features Kelp and Spirulina, two ingredients known for their high nutritional value and ability to speed up hair growth. The multi-vitamin also contains ingredients such as Biotin, MSM, and Vitamin E, all renown for their abilities to boost the health of our long locks. The supplement even works to prevent flaking nails and reduce itchy scalps as well!

The Kelp and Spirulina HAIR, SKIN & NAILS supplement is available here for £31 for a 1-2 month supply (60 capsules).


Even though our mums are always telling us off for it, us girls at The Amazing Blog never get enough vitamins or sleep. Definitely not enough sleep. So we're always looking for the next best supplement to mix into our hectic schedules. With so many on the market to choose from, a lot of the time you can't be sure how much good they're actually doing you. But with the Onça supplement you can be sure that your body is getting the most natural and healthy ingredients, all while giving you a much needed boost! The Onça supplement is an all natural blend of ingredients to boost beauty and energy with anti-aging properties. In order to reap the rewards of Onça you have two sachets a day mixed with the drink of your choice. In the morning you have the 'Activator' sachet, designed to cleanse, detoxify, re-energize and maximise anti-aging protection. The 'Regenerator' sachet for the evening is a cellular regenerating mix to beautify and rejuvenate you. Onça uses only the best, most natural ingredients, and has a unique blend of 'super-fruits' such as Camu-Camu, Mana Cubio, Maracuja, Buriti, and Guarana which are proven to work wonders on your body. The ingredients they use are so rare that their supplies are limited to 3000 people per year. The fruits are harvested from deep in the Amazon rainforest - none of the ingredients are from plantations. The benefits you can gain from the Onça supplement are too numerous to list in this post, which is definitely a good sign that they're doing something right. We recommend using a blender with your Onça sachets, as the some of the natural bits in the sachet don't dissolve as easily. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before trying any new supplement.

So whether you want it for it's beauty or health benefits, be sure to check out Onça before it runs out!