Kuhn Rikon - Avocado Knife

Avocado is hailed as a certified fit food. It’s packed with important nutrients and essential fats, and adds excitement to any meal. Here at The Amazing Blog we love avocado almost as much as we love beauty, but we often find it tricky getting that creamy goodness out without making a terrible mess. However, Kuhn Rikon have changed that pesky preparation with their innovative new Avocado Knife.

The Avocado Knife has a flexible, preformed blade and corer to make it far easier to peel and remove the stone. There will also be no wasted food left on the knife with its non-stick coating to glide straight through the avocado. We had the opportunity to try it out; we loved how comfortable the ergonomic handle was and the clever thought behind the avocado shape. If you find yourself using the fruit often, then you can cut preparation time in half with this handy tool. Check out Kuhn Rikon's video to see the knife in action. It’s a fairly small product that would fit perfectly in your cutlery draw, or suspended using the hole in the handle. And thankfully there are no awkward care requirements; we put it in the dishwasher with the rest of the cutlery with no problem.

If you would like this useful, fuss-free Avocado Knife, get your own one here for £11.95.