Living Nature - Sensitive Skin Range

Unsurprisingly, in today's modern world, around 50% of women suffer from sensitive skin, whether caused by diet, hormones or other external elements. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have searched for a gentle skincare product to save us from skin irritation, redness and blotchiness. We're pleased to report that Living Nature have come to our rescue with their range of Sensitive Skincare

Of the range's four products, our favourite was the Sensitive Night Moisture. Fragrance and allergen free, it's clinically proven to help soothe sensitive skin. The gentle moisturiser contains Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Harakeke Flax Extract and Avocado Oil, all of which help to provide deep overnight nourishment and cell renewal, without being too harsh on the skin. The cream is perfectly PH balanced and works with your Sensitive Hydrating Toner to nurture and soothe. After a few uses, we noticed our skin no longer looked so blotchy after cleansing, and there was certainly less of that horrible tight feeling. When applying the rich cream, our skin felt instantly gratified, and it simply melted into our visage with ease, noticeably restoring hydration and elasticity. We often find so-called ‘sensitive’ products end up irritating our complexions, but Living Nature has restored our faith.

Don’t suffer with skin sensitivity; get your own Night Moisture here for £26.50, and check out the rest of the Sensitive Skin range here.