Ancienne Ambiance Colonia VIII

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Everyone needs a signature scent— period. Finding a personal fragrance that can transition from day to night or season to season can be quite a mission, but we at The Amazing Blog think we have got you covered. And as much as we love discovering new brands to fall in love with, there are some things, like a signature scent, that have us reaching back to brands we already know and trust. We keep returning to Ancienne Ambiance because we adore how luxurious their products are, like the Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash and Beauty Oil. They are an artisan brand inspired by the ancient world and winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, and we know that the unisex sweet fig blend of the Colonia VIII Perfume EDP will hit every note on your must-have list. 

The fig tree has a long, sacred past. With roots in Greek and Roman mythology to a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism, this little fruit has made its mark on history. Ancienne Ambiance specialises in crafting niche fragrances inspired by the ancient cultures that started it all. The Colonia VIII scent honours the art of perfumery, as each perfume is bottled with the finest ingredients in limited quantities in France, all in a stunning 100ml glass column bottle that is sure to make you feel as lavish as Cleopatra. The fragrance has its base notes rooted in the warmth of sandalwood, its heart notes rounded in coconut, and the top notes have light, natural green notes that will follow you around throughout your busy day. Everyone will stop you just to ask what you're wearing: trust us, we know from experience. 

Want to make sure your scent lasts all day? Apply it to your pulse points or the inner wrist and elbow, behind your ears and knees, and at the base of the neck. Mist it on your clothes and hair as well and avoid rubbing the scent into your skin, as it makes the fragrance fade faster.
You can purchase the Colonia VIII Perfume here for £60.

Blueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twists by Gregory's Tree

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At The Amazing Blog, we call it how we see it, and January is a hangover month. You’re still recovering from all the food and booze you consumed a few weeks ago, and you're looking ahead to see how long you’ve got until it’s acceptable to drop your 'new year new you diet'. If you’re like us and think that the health kick still has a while to go but are suffering from some serious mid-afternoon munchies, then you need to try Gregory’s Tree and their Blueberry and Raspberry Double Fruit Twists.

These are great tasting, organic, fruit snacks that no one will raise an eyebrow at. With only 60 calories this little treat counts as one of your five a day. You must not be fooled by their size; these snacks are packed full of flavour and are actually very filling. Full of natural energy and with no added sugar they will give you a lasting boost until your next meal.  They are made from pure organic fruit, which is gently heated, pulped and twisted.

If you are looking for a snack free from nuts, GMO’s, gluten that will show the world you haven’t given up, even if you have a little, then this is the one. You can purchase a box of 24 double fruit twists here for £14 or can pick up one from any of these stockists around the country.

Kuhn Rikon - Avocado Knife

Avocado is hailed as a certified fit food. It’s packed with important nutrients and essential fats, and adds excitement to any meal. Here at The Amazing Blog we love avocado almost as much as we love beauty, but we often find it tricky getting that creamy goodness out without making a terrible mess. However, Kuhn Rikon have changed that pesky preparation with their innovative new Avocado Knife.

The Avocado Knife has a flexible, preformed blade and corer to make it far easier to peel and remove the stone. There will also be no wasted food left on the knife with its non-stick coating to glide straight through the avocado. We had the opportunity to try it out; we loved how comfortable the ergonomic handle was and the clever thought behind the avocado shape. If you find yourself using the fruit often, then you can cut preparation time in half with this handy tool. Check out Kuhn Rikon's video to see the knife in action. It’s a fairly small product that would fit perfectly in your cutlery draw, or suspended using the hole in the handle. And thankfully there are no awkward care requirements; we put it in the dishwasher with the rest of the cutlery with no problem.

If you would like this useful, fuss-free Avocado Knife, get your own one here for £11.95.

Good Full Stop - Fruit & Nut Bars

When trying to stick to a healthy diet, snack time can become stressful. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have found the perfect nutritional addition to your snack cupboard. Good Full Stop have introduced a range of healthy Fruit & Nut Bars that taste as good as they sound.

With 6 delectable flavours in the range, we were lucky enough to try them all. Each is delicious and indulgent; choose from Fruit & Nut, Double Chocolate, Raspberry, Chocolate & Mint, Chocolate Orange and Cherry & Maple Syrup. These wholesome fruit and nut bars keep sweet cravings at bay and provide you with one of your five a day! We often put up with hunger pangs between meals, but we loved how filling and convenient these bars were on the go. They would be ideal for children’s lunchboxes as a nutritious substitute to chocolate bars; a healthy bar with a 'hint of naughtiness'. Each made with tasty dates (nature’s answer to toffee), they are packed into the bars to provide that mouth-watering sweetness that we often crave when it comes to keeping healthy. What's more, Good Full Stop have ensured that the bars can be enjoyed by everyone. Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the ingredients are totally natural so there was no need for harmful additives.

Keep your sweet cravings satisfied with this healthy, nutritious and just Good Full Stop bar, buy yours here for 65p each, or £11.40 for a box of 20.