Laundry Special – Dryerballs, Senses, Fairliving


Here at The Amazing Blog we love finding totally natural, organic and environmentally-friendly beauty products, whether that’s skincare, makeup or body care. We’re now taking this level of care to our wardrobe, clothes are worn every day and spend hours in contact with our skin, we have picked our favourite laundry products that cater to different needs.

As winter comes closer, the outdoor washing line is swapped for the tumble dryer. Dryerballs can rid you of the additional task of ironing and give you back an evening of relaxation.

These products are all natural softeners made only from wool. The Dryerballs negate the use of chemical softeners, reduce drying time, reduce creasing and reduce static. We found them so easy to use, simply put both balls in the tumble dryer along with your clothes and start the machine on the usual settings. What’s more, if you want to add a natural fragrance to your laundry, simply add a few drops of essential oils to the Dryerballs and run for a further 10 minutes on no heat. They are reusable and will undoubtedly save you both time and money by reducing drying time. Get yours here for £8.25.

For those of you who would rather stick to a classic softener, we have found one that can be used even by those with the most sensitive skin. Senses have created a new hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested fabric conditioner that rivals brand leaders on performance and price.

The fabric softener uses microcapsule fragrance technology; it’s available in three scents, Blue Breeze, Orange Zest and Tropical Burst, each scent is rich, fresh and long lasting. The ingredients are all naturally sourced, allowing the product to be hypoallergenic as well as intensely fragrant. We found the conditioner of excellent quality and highly effective, our clothed felt soft but our pockets didn’t feel empty. Get yours here for only £1.00.

Lastly we have found a stain remover for today’s conscious consumer. Fairliving has created a Planet Pure Organic Stain Remover Spray with the power to eliminate stubborn stains cause by red wine, fruit, jam and even grease.

Planet Pure stain remover.jpg

We were lucky enough to try this and loved the zesty orange fragrance. It came to the rescue of a white dress from an attack of red wine, while also giving it a fresh, crisp scent. The spray is versatile and extremely useful as it can be used on any type of fabric and surface. This is a product that everybody needs in their laundry kit and thankfully won’t break the budget. Make sure you get your hands on one here for £2.99.
And if a spray remover is not enough and your laundry definitely needs something stronger, which can go deep in the stains, Fairliving also offers a wide range of Laundry Liquids and Softners. 

All the scents are very pleasant and natural, with Lavender, Orange, Chamomile and Rose and there is a product specific for every fabric.
The entire range is available here starting from £1.99.