As winter approaches our healthy diets are often set aside as cravings for warm comfort food set in. Here at The Amazing Blog we wanted to find something that incorporates both, behold Soupologie’s Soup to Go range. Each soup to go is dairy and gluten free and packed with a host of highly nutritional super foods; they are a perfect lunch item to keep you feeling full until dinner.

Soupologie provide unique and imaginative flavours from Curried Sweet Potato, Coconut and Raw Cacao, to Cauliflower, Kale and Black Garlic. We were able to try these two from the range; they tasted fresh, creamy and rich with flavour. We loved the addition of the toppings for an extra boost of nutrition. These vary from flavour to flavour, including Toasted Coconut Flakes and Sunflower Seeds.

This is certainly not your average soup range, each one is well thought out and combined with complimentary textures and flavours. Lunch will never be the same again. They are low in calories with no added sugar, glucose or dairy to compromise the fresh flavour and quality ingredients that is synonymous with Soupologie.

Swap your ready-made sandwich for a healthier, tastier alternative then get your Soup To Go here for £3.30.