Absolute Collagen - Protein Rich Marine Collagen Supplement For Men

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Superfoods and supplements have become more and more popular over the past years and we at The Amazing Blog are always on the lookout for new and beneficial supplements to include in our diet. There is still a big trend for ingestible beauty supplements (which means beauty products you swallow rather than apply to your skin) particularly those that are collagen or hyaluronic acid based. We were very interested to hear that the award-winning British brand Absolute Collagen had launched the first-ever men’s ingestible beauty supplement, their Protein Rich Marine Collagen Supplement. We applaud this brand for recognising the need for specific male skincare supplements.

The Protein Rich Marine Collagen has numerous benefits. Fish collagen has superior bioavailability, which means it’s quickly absorbed into the body when digested. Once in the bloodstream, it starts working its magic. The Absolute Collagen supplement encourages the fibroblasts responsible for collagen reproduction to kick-start and therefore helps to fight signs of ageing.

One sachet of 10ml makes a daily dose of the marine collagen. The Supplement is as ‘absolute’ as possible, containing vitamin C for absorption and lemon and sucralose for taste. You can take the marine collagen direct from the sachet or mix it with hot and cold drinks or even add it to yoghurt – the possibilities are endless. We only had a two week supply, and I would like to add that probably I need a lot longer time than just a few weeks, to see significant results. However, I have to say that my joints felt more fluid and my fine lines did start to look slightly more plumped-out. The supplement does actually boast that the skin will look smoother, plumper and more hydrated, so perhaps this is just the start. They also state that the collagen benefits nails, joints, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons as well. I'm very tempted to keep going and order more! You too can order a 14-day supply of the Protein Rich Marine Collagen Supplement for Men here for £29.99.

Golden Greens Expert Collagen Complex

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The fear of ageing has women of all ages stressing about the way their skin looks. It’s hard not to feel under pressure when all media portrays is perfect skin. The good news is that you’re not alone. We at The Amazing Blog can completely relate. If you’re afraid of or want to get rid of ageing signs, Golden Greens Expert Collagen Complex will seriously be your new best friend.

As we age, the collagen and hyaluronic acid naturally produced in our bodies, which are essential in maintaining the elasticity and overall smoothness of the skin, start to decrease. Once we get to our fabulous thirties, our skin starts to lose 1-2% of collagen a year, resulting in visible wrinkles and fine lines. To help boost collagen and hyaluronic acid levels, Golden Greens Expert has expertly crafted an organic formula that will naturally give your body back the key nutrients it craves in order to keep your skin looking and feeling as beautiful and youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside. 

The Collagen Complex does not contain any artificial additives, preservatives, or sweeteners and is made up of sustainably sourced Naticol hydrolysed marine collagen and high strength hyaluronic acid. This is all mixed together with a blend of skin-loving ingredients like organic lucuma (a nutrient-rich superfood that makes it naturally sweet), blueberry and acerola powders. Not only does it combine plenty of antioxidants, but it also packs in organic Vitamin C, which aids normal skin functions and collagen development. In other words, your skin will love you for it.

It’s very straightforward to use and easy to take on the go. Just add about two teaspoons to your water, fruit juice, or even smoothies, and mix well. Added bonus? It’s Non-GMO, gluten, lactose, and soy free. Prevention is the best way to keep wrinkles at bay, while maintaining a youthful and glowing skin, so start sipping! The Golden Greens Expert Collagen Complex is available here for £17.99.


AG Skin Repair: Regenerative Serum & Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum


As our readers will know, we at The Amazing Blog are always on the lookout for new skincare brands. Having recently gone from freezing snow to milder conditions, in a matter of a few days, we need skincare products that offer both protection and healing for our delicate complexions. So when we found AG Skin Repair from California, whose products contain patented Silver chitosan and moisturising formulations, we knew we were in safe hands. AG Skin Repair currently produces five targeted skincare products: After Sun Lotion, Anti-Fatigue Serum, Tattoo Serum, Regenerative Serum and Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum; the latter two we have reviewed for you here today.

The Regenerative Serum is a moisturising formulation to help firm, heal and soothe skin. The product creates a protective barrier on the skin and promotes healing for UV damage. This serum helps to reverse environmental damage to skin and soften the appearance of scars old and new. The product contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) Chitosan (Poly-D-Glucosamine) which promotes rehydration of the skin and helps achieve a more youthful appearance. The patented technology incorporated in all the AG Skin Repair products is a technique whereby silver in the atomic form is bonded directly to a chitosan polymer chain. This produces a chitosan polymer film with a layer of silver literally a single atom thick, which helps prevent bacterial skin infections and creates a protective barrier on the skin. It’s safe to say that were obsessed with this product and can’t wait for the results progress!

We were also lucky enough to receive the Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum. The benefits of this product echo the Regenerative Serum, but with added collagen for a beautiful anti-ageing effect. The serum regenerates surface skin cells to create a smoother, firmer and more youthful skin. What we particularly liked about this serum as primer for our foundation, it gave our skin texture as smooth as silk. Our Executive Editor took this product with her on her travels to hot and dusty climes. She was impressed with how it performed not only protecting her skin from the harsh environment but also rapidly rehydrated her skin at the end of the day.

Both serums are designed and formulated to naturally accelerate the skin renewal process. They provide the damaged skin cells with a structure upon which new skin cells can grow onto and form healthy, regenerated skin. Tempted? You can purchase the Regenerative Serum here for £25 and the Anti-Ageing Collagen Serum here for £40.

APEX High Performance Bio-Serum by Lamiderm Skincare


Apex High Performance Bio-Serum By Lamiderm Skincare

The Amazing Blog is here to bring you an exciting new skincare product that has arrived in the UK with an unsual and unique hero ingredient. The US brand LifePharm Global Network has launched Lamiderm APEX High Performance Bio-Serum an innovative product which help us tackle the ever-foreboding issue of ageing skin. Distributed here in the UK by Discover 9 whose mission is to help individuals attain optimum health and wellness. 

So a little bit of background first. The production of lysyl oxidase decreases (LOX) as we age, and it is this LOX that naturally activates collagen, elastin and fibronectin. It is these skin fibres that keep us looking young and our skin firm and lifted. The APEX High Performance Bio-Serum actually helps to supplement the body's LOX production for improved collagen, elastin and fibronectin at the cellular level which in turn helps to promote the body’s production of LOX. The unique key ingredients for APEX High Performance Bio-Serum is harvested from LifePharm fertilised Avian egg extract and is the first known skincare product to utilise this revolutionary ingredient and the science is explained here .

Additional to the fertilised Avian egg extract, the APEX Bio-Serum formula also includes a 'radiance complex' for brightens the skin which is comprised of seven Swiss alpine plants and have been scientifically proven to improve cellar health. Vitamins C, E and CoQ10 are included too for protection against photo-ageing, whilst a blend of five fruit extracts support cells shield the complexion from pollution and UV radiation. What we particularly like is that the serum's carrier is a nutritious concoction of Aloe Vera juice, sunflower seed and coconut oils.  

As they say, the proof is in the pudding: 87% of users reported smoother skin, 88% more supple and healthy skin and 86% tighter and firmer skin after twice daily use. We certainly could detect a subtle change in skin texture; however, we think it needs more long term use for more significant results as we only used it for a couple weeks. What we also like about this serum is that it is not tested on animals, it is hypoallergenic and is free from all sulphates. You can see for yourself by purchasing the serum through their website here for £64.97

Korres- Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Day/Night Cream

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The Amazing Blog is a big fan of the brand Korres, and we have reviewed them multiple times in the past. We love them for two reasons; firstly they are inspired by homeopathy and its “mild yet effective approach to skin needs.” Secondly, we are big supporters of the brand because of their ability to produce high-quality products time and time again. Today we are writing about two of our new favourites from the brand, their Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Day Cream and their Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Night Cream. 

Both the day and night creams are advanced, non-greasy formulas that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They restore skin to a more youthful state by helping it become firmer and regain its elasticity. Both products are driven by the revolutionary molecule Active HALupeol and Castanea Arcadia (Arcadian Chestnut tree.) These ingredients work to protect the skin’s essential structural elements such as collagen and glycoproteins. Overall, the creams give weaker and older skin suppleness and youthfulness. Our skin was left positively glowing and wonderfully smooth to the touch. 

Not only are the products amazingly effective on skin, but they contain over 90% natural ingredients, making them the perfect products for eco-conscious people trying to avoid nasty parabens. The Day Cream is 93.3% natural and the Night Cream is 96.1% natural. They could not be easier to use, simply massage into skin once in the morning and once in the evening and watch as the effects quickly begin to take effect. 

You can purchase the Day Cream here for around £39.40 and the Night Cream here for roughly £39.40. Although prices are listed in Euros PayPal is available which will allow you to pay in Pounds.