Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion - Dear, Klairs

As the summer months approach, we at The Amazing Blog have been searching for that extra skincare protection for our delicate complexions. With this in mind we've been on the hunt for a selection of high SPF sun lotions or primers to apply to our faces.  So when discovered a new sun lotion from one of our favourite Korean brands, Dear, Klair’s we eagerly put their efficient and lightweight Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion to the test.

'K beauty' is becoming more and more popular with many new Korean brands recently arriving into the UK. The K beauty trend began with the introduction of our favourite quirky looking sheet masks, which have now become quite common-place and certainly part of our weekly beauty regime. They have also led to inspiring many other international beauty brands replicating these sheet masks and following in their footsteps. We were intrigued to learn that the average daily Korean beauty regime consists of seven steps, and although each regimen may vary, the use of an SPF screen never does. The Korean's recognise the application of SPF screen as a crucial and protective step against sun damage, which as well all know is a direct contributor to ageing skin.  

Bearing all this in mind, Dear, Klairs Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion has a high SPF 40,  lightweight and non-greasy texture with an almost feathery finish. What’s more the sun lotion helps tone out redness. Formulated with Guaiazulene, like the Midnight Blue Calming Cream that we've previously reviewed, this sun lotion contributes to calming irritated skin. Perfect for protection against harsh UV rays it has the added bonus of giving you a fabulously flawless skin that everyone will be envious of. 

It’s recommended that you apply the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion to skin at least 15 minutes before going outdoors and then reapply every 2 hours or as needed. We also suggest using it as a protective primer under your make up.

Purchase the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion here for £18.90.