Summer Manicure - Friday Favourites

Woo hoo summer's on its way! However, our hands and feet are truly screaming out for a good mani-pedi. It feels like a long recovery time from the chapped and dry skin on our hands and feet, that the past winter month have so cruelly inflicted upon them.  So we've been searching for some quick fixes and hottest new products, to give them that little boost to help them on their way. As some of us (no names mentioned) at The Amazing Blog  have a slight nail polish addiction, we pooled our knowledge and came up with a list of the latest 'at home' mani-pedi products to give you that professional manicurist finish.

First on our list is FLASH Manicure, we tried both their Original and Lotus scented FLASH Instant Manicure. They left our hands feeling pampered within minutes. FLASH Instant Manicure is effectively a complete treatment in one; it moisturises and exfoliates the hands while also aiding dry and damaged cuticles and nails. It works to brighten and soften hands by using a combination of sea salt and essential oils such as lavender oil, citrus oil and avocado oil. They recommend using the product once a week. This product is so easy to use, you just have to shake the bottle to make sure that the salts are properly dispersed into the oils, then pour an amount about the size of a one pound coin into clean palms and carefully scrub the product into the hands. This product is very effective on damaged cuticles so make sure not to skip the nails. Once you’ve rubbed the product into your hands sufficiently, rinse them with tepid water and dry with a clean towel. The plain FLASH Instant Manicure leaves a lovely aroma of lavender that will leave you coming back for more, while the lotus scented product has an even more tantalisingly floral aroma. NB Great for hands and feet.

Both versions are available here from £10.35 and come in a variety of options for you to choose from. These products left our skin looking clean, smelling fabulous and feeling smooth – what more could you want?

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The next products we found are a selection of unique and summery nail polishes from Margaret Dabbs. After her award-winning collection of hand and foot care ranges, Margaret has recently unveiled a stunning and much-anticipated range of treatment-enriched and cutting edge nail polishes.

We tried three colours: Snap Dragon, Poppy and Saffron, opting for richer pinks and reds - which we hope will complement and enrich our newly acquired sun kissed tans. There is a vast array of colours within the collection ranging from the most delicate on-trend nudes and pastels to the most vivid blues. Each of the 72 shades takes its inspiration from the wonder of nature as each polish follows a floral theme.  We applied two coats with a base and top coat and our finger nails remained chip free for up to four days.

These polishes are also made with the highest quality lacquer combining beneficial ingredients that help to make them last longer than your regular nail polish. All free from Formaldehyde, Toluene or DPB which will ensure that the nails remain healthy even after removing the varnish. These unique formulas have been designed to promote nail health and vitality. The Vitamin E in the product helps to strengthen and protect the nail, while the Rose Botanical Extract revitalises, prevents infection and leaves an aroma of wild roses.

You can explore the range and purchase these amazing nail polishes here!

Finally, if you want to spice things up a bit, then you might be interested in Semilac and their product Semi-Flash which allows you to join in with one of the hottest nail trends without the salon price! However, it must be noted that you will need a LED lamp in order to cure and use this powder. It is also recommended to purchase their Top No Wipe with Semi-Flash to ensure a quality and professional manicure and will also need an applicator.  NB please see here for instructions.

Semi-Flash is a special powder used for creating the latest designer nail effect of mirrored chrome. This product will give you glamorous and unique nails that all your friends will be talking about for weeks to come. This uber cool effect when cured will last up to an astonishing 3 weeks as the powder doesn’t smudge or chip. Its superior performance and the fact that the product is so easy to apply that make this a summer must have!

You can purchase your own Semi-Flash powder here for £9.99.

Remember anyone can wear a great outfit but it's your nails that will make the statement!