Million Dollar Beard Oil - Captain Fawcett

Attention all gentlemen, The Amazing Blog has discovered a product that will make your beard feel like a million dollars. Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil, more specifically, The Million Dollar Beard Oil is a product from their signature series. This was produced when the company collaborated with the founding ambassador of Beard Season and later cultivator of the world’s first Million Dollar Beard Oil- Jimmy Niggles.

The oil is crafted to have a fresh oceanic and earthy scent, topped with a touch of floral citrus, and a few luxurious flakes of 23-carat gold. The 50ml glass bottle, with a rubber pipette for precise dispensing, comes in sleek gold packaging to maximize the opulence of the product. To apply simply drop a small amount into your palms and gently comb through your beard, finely coating each hair, leaving your beard feeling a million dollars. In addition, inside the packaging you will find a little piece of card promoting Beard Season, which is a global movement turning beards into life saving conversation starters. The goal of the association is to get the public to check for skin melanoma more often. Proceeds from every bottle of Million Dollar Beard Oil go towards increasing awareness and action in the fight against this deadly cancer.

Support the cause and feel a million dollars by buying it here for £36.00.