Pure Gold Collagen

It is no secret that a daily dose of collagen is said to work wonders against the pesky effects of ageing. I personally always like to put collagen powders in my raw vegetable juices that I religiously now have 3 mornings a week. However, l decided to try another version separately in the guise of a collagen drink. So I gave a mission to our team at The Amazing Blog to research collagen drinks for me and they stumbled upon our first one which is Pure Gold Collagen 

Pure Gold Collagen is a ready-to-drink liquid beauty supplement, designed to quite literally nourish the body from the inside out and terminate all of the effects of ageing. Never tried taking your daily dose of collagen as a liquid? Well, after quite the extensive amount of research,  Minerva Research Labs, alongside European scientists, have concluded that liquid beauty supplements can be 20 times more effective than both creams and pills. It can also take as little as six weeks to make a difference. So, for those looking for the most natural supplement possible for anti-ageing, this is the product for you.

The method to the madness is a simple sugar-free blend of hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. Once these ingredients are mixed into one and digested properly, they work together to target the fibroblast cells in the body and assist them in producing collagen. Overall, they claim that  the result should end in an increase of skin hydration, a decrease of wrinkles, and the general improvement of skin elasticity. Personally, I wasn’t too keen on the taste it was a little too sickly sweet for my palate (but that is just me). I trialled it for 30 days and haven’t noticed any radical change in my skin tone although to be fair I am looking a little more rested.  I would recommend this collagen drink as a great introduction for anyone who is considering added a liquid collagen supplement to their diet.

The Pure Gold Collagen can be purchased at your local Boots or on the Minerva website here for £35.99.