PH7 Skincare Collection


As the autumnal equinox approaches, we at The Amazing Blog are starting to think about implementing a new season skincare regimen. We wanted to find a simple trio that would take us through the forthcoming transitory months with ease, and the natural skincare from pH 7’s Skincare Collection: Natural.Clean.Skin offered us just that. Our morning routine has now started with their thoughtfully formulated skincare products, their signature: Foaming Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. pH 7 Natural.Clean.Skin is formulated by US toxicologist Dr. Erika Weaver, PhD, who is committed to designing natural and toxin-free skin care products. During her schooling, Weaver learned about the effects of chemicals and the impact it has on our lifestyle and the environment, and wanted to make a change... 

Our favourite of the trio is their Foaming Cleanser. It nourishes and restores all skin types, it made our skin feel 'squeaky clean' without leaving a hint of tightness. Key ingredients are rose water, witch hazel, honeysuckle, apricot kernel, rosehip, frankincense and sandalwood oils. So easy to apply, simply splash warm water onto the face, then pump 2-3 pumps and massage it in using circular motions. After rinsing thoroughly, and patting dry with a linen face cloth - you'll feel fresh awakened! Next, we used their Toner as a refreshing elixir to hydrate the skin. Key ingredients here include kombucha tea, aloe vera gel, vitamins E and C. Before applying, shake the bottle well and blot it onto a cotton ball. Remember to store this product at room temperature. As you let the skin absorb the toner, apply a small amount of Moisturizer,  which has some of our favourite ingredients such as coconut, sandalwood, frankincense and almond oils, all of which offer a great way to maintain hydration and protection.  You can buy each of the these separately, the Foaming Cleanser here for $14, or the Toner here for $10 and the Moisturizer here for $14. However, this trio can also be bought together here for $36.00.