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At The Amazing Blog, we’re always on the search to find a great sunscreen that (1) doesn’t make us look like pale and zinc-y and (2) protects as well as moisturises our skin. We’re happy to report in that BB Lifestyle’s Ultra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 is everything we want and more…

Based in California, BB Lifestyle is a luxury unisex skincare brand that aims to educate people in the way that they view skincare offering a more holistic approach. Bill Bakho the founder, makes sure that his brand is all natural, with no-filler and that it is a ‘multi-tasking, easy-to-wear sun screen that is inspired by nature.’ He also claims that in their natural skincare range they deliver dermatological-grade results. After using the Ultra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen first hand, we agree that its non-greasy, weightless formula left us feeling both protected and pampered. Besides being SPF 30+, their signature, luxury sunscreen is made with seaweed, orchid and algae extracts as well as their patented HC56Complex, which is a hemp oil that provides anti-oxidant benefits to your skin. The sunscreen also has anti-ageing benefits with added UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum to help prevent skin damage. Another added plus for those of us with sensitive skin is that the full BB Lifestyle range are also vegan including the Utra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen.

Application of the Ultra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen is like any sun cream. A small amount applied 15 minutes before you are out in the sun and re-apply every two hours. This will leave your skin feeling protected yet glowing. We used it also as a primer under makeup, which worked a treat! To try living the #BBLifestyle you too can purchase their 100 ml tube of signature sunscreen for £49 on their website here.

PH7 Skincare Collection


As the autumnal equinox approaches, we at The Amazing Blog are starting to think about implementing a new season skincare regimen. We wanted to find a simple trio that would take us through the forthcoming transitory months with ease, and the natural skincare from pH 7’s Skincare Collection: Natural.Clean.Skin offered us just that. Our morning routine has now started with their thoughtfully formulated skincare products, their signature: Foaming Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. pH 7 Natural.Clean.Skin is formulated by US toxicologist Dr. Erika Weaver, PhD, who is committed to designing natural and toxin-free skin care products. During her schooling, Weaver learned about the effects of chemicals and the impact it has on our lifestyle and the environment, and wanted to make a change... 

Our favourite of the trio is their Foaming Cleanser. It nourishes and restores all skin types, it made our skin feel 'squeaky clean' without leaving a hint of tightness. Key ingredients are rose water, witch hazel, honeysuckle, apricot kernel, rosehip, frankincense and sandalwood oils. So easy to apply, simply splash warm water onto the face, then pump 2-3 pumps and massage it in using circular motions. After rinsing thoroughly, and patting dry with a linen face cloth - you'll feel fresh awakened! Next, we used their Toner as a refreshing elixir to hydrate the skin. Key ingredients here include kombucha tea, aloe vera gel, vitamins E and C. Before applying, shake the bottle well and blot it onto a cotton ball. Remember to store this product at room temperature. As you let the skin absorb the toner, apply a small amount of Moisturizer,  which has some of our favourite ingredients such as coconut, sandalwood, frankincense and almond oils, all of which offer a great way to maintain hydration and protection.  You can buy each of the these separately, the Foaming Cleanser here for $14, or the Toner here for $10 and the Moisturizer here for $14. However, this trio can also be bought together here for $36.00.

WAHL Foaming Shave Gel

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We at The Amazing Blog have noticed that barber’s shops are multiplying like rabbits along every high street - all very ‘man chic’ with the kind of interiors to help us relax and chill out whilst someone pampers us to perfection … However, if you like your grooming a little more on the private side, then Wahl has come up with the most amazing bottle of skin nurturing goodies to help to keep our whiskers in top trim. Since 1919, Wahl has been an integral part of the Barber Trade and recently launched their Professional 5 Star Traditional Shaving Range.
We think whole range is worth trying out; however, the Foaming Shave Gel has been our personal favourite when it comes to soothing and aiding hydration. This enriched moisturising formula contains coconut to deliver a professional close shave that feeds and soothes the skin for reduced irritation. This ozonic fragrance is infused with crisp and citrus notes of lemon. The masculine fragrance leaves the face feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The fragrance is masculine and not too heavy, but the real feeling of protection comes as it hits the skin, giving a gentle buffer between blade and follicle. We tried it both with and without a brush to lather up, and either way worked superbly. So, if you can't make it to the barber shop, this shave gel offers the full experience at home. Purchase your Wahl Foaming Shaving Gel here at £16.99

Body Hydrator - Noble Isle

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At the Amazing Blog, it’s no secret that we are always on the hunt for the the best products that are right for our reader's skin. We recently discovered a wonderful luxury brand that we all adore in the office: Noble Isle. We particularly enjoyed thair Body Hydrator which refreshed and moisturised our skin.

The Body Hydrator is truly marvellous! It is a light gel based moisturiser that cools and tones when applied, helping to nourish and refresh your skin. With a delectable scent, the product quickly absorbs into the skin, smoothing it while leaving the light and divine fragrance of bittersweet rhubarb. This product has a unique twist as it's extracted from a rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire Triangle, giving it all the goodness of Britain in the bottle.

Noble Isle has a broad and diverse range of beauty products, including bath and shower gels and their own exclusive range of home fragrances that we highly reccomend exploring!

Purchase this product here for £25.