Pranalife 4 and Pranalife 1-7-6 by Equisalud

At this time of year, the change in seasons can sometimes make you exhausted and discombobulated. We felt that it was time to address this in a more holistic way, looking into our ‘chakras’. This is an ancient and holistic practice which balances seven energy centres throughout the body. We at The Amazing Blog were excited to try Equisalud's Pranalife range. Equisalud are one of the leading laboratories in dietary supplements based in Huarte, Pamplona.

Chakras connect your spiritual body to your physical body. The seven are located at the base of your spine, slightly above on your spine by your pancreas, your digestive system, your heart, your throat, your third eye and your crown, respectively. It is thought that all of the chakras need to be free from stress, emotional or physical problems for one to live a happy, healthy and free life. This is where Equislud’s special product Pranalife comes in; they have created ten energy centre harmonisers to help aid in the restoration of these chakra points, in the form of liquid drops. There are seven varieties of drops for each specific chakra and three which focus on the three energy lines;  1-7-6, 3-4-6 and 2-5-6. We tried Pranalife 4 and Pranalife 1-7-6.

Pranalife 4 works to harmonise the chakra 4, which is related to the cardiovascular and immune functions. Pranalife 4, therefore, works to balance the immune system and strengthen the stream of life that is anchored in the heart, according to ancient Oriental traditions. The energy line 1-7-6 involves all of the body. It's important to allow the spiritual energy to flow throughout the chakra line so keeping this clear is crucial. Pranalife 1-7-6 works towards this, aiding in regular control of hormones and the glands. The Pranalife drops are easily dissolved into water, and it's suggested that you drink the mixture three times a day before a meal. We found this was easy enough to incorporate into our daily routines and the bottles are small enough to carry to work and back. It's worth it, in our eyes, for an overall health benefit.

You can purchase the two bottles we reviewed, as well as the whole Pranalife range here for £15.27 each.