Together Health – Complexes and Boosts Food Supplements

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While we at The Amazing Blog try to maintain healthy and balanced diets, London has delicious food on practically every corner. So, to fill the gaps in our diets, we often take vitamins, but many vitamins are hard to travel with and contain harsh preservatives. That’s where Together Health ’s all-natural food supplements, packaged in portable sachets, come in. 

The brand was launched in the UK by two brothers, Lee and Daniel Robertshaw, who found it difficult to sustain a healthy lifestyle amidst busy schedules and unhealthy yet conveniently located food. They partnered with health and nutrition experts to develop food supplements that ‘support as many people on their own journey to find a path to health that works for, and not against, them’. The company is 100 per cent transparent about the supplements’ ingredients that are naturally derived from the ocean and plants and contain no artificial additives or processing aids. We tried eight of the different supplements Together Health offers, four from the Boosts collection and four from the Complexes collection .

The Boost supplements are designed to give you extra vitamins and antioxidants in your diet. The four we tried were Curcumin & Turmeric Complex (helps reduce inflammation), Marine Magnesium contains five natural forms of magnesium minerals), Plant Based Coenzyme Q10 (generates energy in cells), and Vegan Vitamin D3 (helps absorption of calcium and phosphorous from food). One of our favourites from this collection was the Curcumin & Turmeric Complex, which contains organic turmeric root and 95 per cent curcumin extract. These two ingredients have been used for centuries for their natural healing properties as they are antioxidant-rich, neutralise harmful free radicals, and have anti-inflammatory properties

The Complex supplements target specific needs for you to live a healthier life. We tested the Joint Aid Herbal Complex (helps reduce inflammation in joints), Multibiotic Fermented Food (improves digestive and general health), Night Time Complex aids sleep onset and duration), and Stress Aid Complex (reduces stress with food-based vitamins and ocean minerals). Our favourite of this collection was the Night Time Complex. It contains five forms of ocean-sourced magnesium: oxide, hydroxide, sulfate, carbonate, and chloride. Since the magnesium is naturally derived rather than synthetically made, it allows your body to absorb it faster. The supplement also has 5-HTP from Griffonia extract to synthesise serotonin and hops extract to regulate inconsistent sleep patterns or inability to fall asleep. We found that taking two capsules 30 minutes before bed had us sleeping better throughout the night and waking up well-rested. 

Each supplement comes in a ‘vegecap’ made from Pinus Elliottii tree plant cellulose, and you can take it apart to mix into food or drink if you don’t like taking pills. There are approximately 30-60 vegecaps packed in each resealable sachet that can last for two months and is travel-friendly. Together Health has a helpful product recommender here if you aren’t sure what kind of supplement would be best for you. You can buy the supplements here starting from £6.99

Cold Q Natural Oral Spray

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Every year during the winter season in the UK millions of people gets a cold or flu virus. It seems just inevitable when travelling on public transport surrounded by people coughing and sneezing.  At The Amazing Blog almost every one of us has suffered a cold or a cough this year and to think that it's only January!  Therefore the timing couldn't be better for us to try out  Cold Q natural Oral Spray.

Cold Q Oral Spray has produced a 100% natural oral spray formulated to help boost your immune system and combat colds and viral flu attacks. Chinese herbs are recognised around the world for their healing properties, and this Canadian brand decided to incorporate them into the spray formula. Key ingredients are: Angelica root (Bai Zhi ), qiang huo, chuan xiong, tan xiang, da zao, huang qi, cang zhu and sheng gan cao; these all work in synergy to reduce symptoms, ease chest pain, improve breathing, stimulate the immune system and act as anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

The Cold Q Oral Spray is a real life saver, at Amazing PR we have to used it, and it worked wonders. Our Exec Editor went down with a heavy cold at Christmas and she religiously dosed up with this spray which she is convinced (1) contained the cold (2) speeded it up the healing and (3) stopped it spreading to her chest. It’s the powerful natural ingredients that make the oral spray so fast and effective, the product delivers what it promises. When used at the early stage of the infection you can be healed in a few days. For best results use at the first signs of symptoms, spray five times in your throat, three times a day. The spray tastes pleasant, is free from pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives and GMO. We rate it and this has now become a firm staple in our medicine cabinet. You can purchase the Cold Q oral spray here for $23.99 via Paypal.

Alkaline Infusion - Kiki Health

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know just how important it is to look after your body on the inside as well as on the outside. We also know that this can be tough at times as we try to keep up with the fast pace of modern living. Therefore, if there is a product that can help us get that little bit healthier and is also convenient, it goes straight to the top of our list. This is exactly why we love Kiki Health's Alkaline Infusion which is simple to incorporate into your daily routine.

It is easy in today’s society to develop deficiencies that can affect our moods as well as our appearance, all because of a lack of vitamins in the diet. The Alkaline Infusion is full of magnesium which helps with fatigue and mood swings. The high vitamin C content helps to improve the appearance and function of the skin, teeth and bones, improves metabolism and boosts the immune system. The powder also contains silica which is instrumental in the growth of collagen, which helps skin maintain its elasticity and youth. Our bodies are often far too acidic due to poor diets and the stress of modern living, which can leave us feeling and looking low – which in turn can lead to reduced self-esteem and bad habits. With the balance of alkaline, vitamins and minerals, Kiki Health’s Alkaline Infusion helps your body neutralise these negative issues so that your body can regain its natural balance.

This supplement is an easy and tasty way to get the vitamins you need. With a delicious sweet and citrus flavour, you can easily mix your daily two teaspoons into a glass of water or to a smoothie for some added zing! This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is naturally free from wheat and gluten, making it suitable for everybody.

You can purchase Kiki Health’s Alkaline Infusion here for £27.00

Pranalife 4 and Pranalife 1-7-6 by Equisalud

At this time of year, the change in seasons can sometimes make you exhausted and discombobulated. We felt that it was time to address this in a more holistic way, looking into our ‘chakras’. This is an ancient and holistic practice which balances seven energy centres throughout the body. We at The Amazing Blog were excited to try Equisalud's Pranalife range. Equisalud are one of the leading laboratories in dietary supplements based in Huarte, Pamplona.

Chakras connect your spiritual body to your physical body. The seven are located at the base of your spine, slightly above on your spine by your pancreas, your digestive system, your heart, your throat, your third eye and your crown, respectively. It is thought that all of the chakras need to be free from stress, emotional or physical problems for one to live a happy, healthy and free life. This is where Equislud’s special product Pranalife comes in; they have created ten energy centre harmonisers to help aid in the restoration of these chakra points, in the form of liquid drops. There are seven varieties of drops for each specific chakra and three which focus on the three energy lines;  1-7-6, 3-4-6 and 2-5-6. We tried Pranalife 4 and Pranalife 1-7-6.

Pranalife 4 works to harmonise the chakra 4, which is related to the cardiovascular and immune functions. Pranalife 4, therefore, works to balance the immune system and strengthen the stream of life that is anchored in the heart, according to ancient Oriental traditions. The energy line 1-7-6 involves all of the body. It's important to allow the spiritual energy to flow throughout the chakra line so keeping this clear is crucial. Pranalife 1-7-6 works towards this, aiding in regular control of hormones and the glands. The Pranalife drops are easily dissolved into water, and it's suggested that you drink the mixture three times a day before a meal. We found this was easy enough to incorporate into our daily routines and the bottles are small enough to carry to work and back. It's worth it, in our eyes, for an overall health benefit.

You can purchase the two bottles we reviewed, as well as the whole Pranalife range here for £15.27 each.

Wild Alaskan Fish Oil - Wiley's Finest

Here at The Amazing Blog, we value the importance of looking after our bodies and staying healthy. So when we discovered Wiley's Finest all natural Fish Oil we were particularly pleased.

Who doesn’t remember, at least once, someone suggesting that you took fish oil when you were younger, especially around exam time? It is such an easy way to boost your memory, improve eyesight and improve brain function on the whole. It’s an easy way for you to help your brain, but it also has a seemingly never ending list of bodily benefits from improving the skin to strengthening the bones to boosting white blood cell production. Yet, despite the seemingly never-ending list of benefits acquired by taking a teaspoon a day, so many find the fish oil hard to swallow.

Wiley’s has created a variety of fish oils that come in two flavours, Orange Burst’ and ‘Peak Omega-3 Liquid.’ While other companies may have created artificially flavoured fish oil, Wiley’s is made entirely of 100% natural ingredients, including wild Alaskan Pollock. The company is completely sustainable, and their products contain higher levels of both EPA and DHA than many other brands. As they say on their website, getting enough fish oil in today’s society is near impossible. So we would highly recommend this product, as not only was there no fishy taste but we immediately began to feel the effects. We felt healthier, more alert and more prepared than ever before. All you have to do is take a teaspoon a day to begin to feel the much-needed effects.

You can buy Wiley’s Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, Orange Burst flavour here for £17.99 and Peak Omega-3 Liquid here for £21.99