Rebel Kitchen - Coconut Mylks

Coconut has emerged as a new super food that appears in food and beauty products. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have benefitted from refreshing coconut water and the hydrating powers of coconut oil. Rebel Kitchen has now caught our attention with their range of Coconut Mylks.

Rebel Kitchen goes back to basics with simple and natural ingredients, thankfully without the use of additives and preservatives. Finally we know exactly what we are putting into our body, rather than trying to decipher the cryptic ingredients. As a staple each Mylk contains Organic Coconut milk, Somerset Spring water and Organic Date nectar, which acts as a natural sweetener. We loved that the range of flavours adhered to our cravings, in particular the Chocolate and Coffee Mylks. Chocoholics and Caffeine Addicts alike will love this healthy, dairy free alternative.

While adults can enjoy the Chocolate, Coffee, Matcha Green Tea and Chai flavours, Rebel Kitchen have included a children’s range that will satisfy any young sweet tooth. Snack time will never be the same again! Kids have a choice between Chocolate, Banana and Orange Chocolate flavour, each of which is personified on the packaging in the form of a foodie character. This will surely entertain children whilst also feeding them a nutritious snack.

Satisfy the whole family with a natural sweet treat from Rebel Kitchen; get yours here for £1.89 each.