Mr Vanguard - Eau de Parfum

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As expectations go, the grooming market for us boys was always going to be big, however exploding into the multi-billion dollar industry has thoroughly proved the doubters wrong. My colleagues at The Amazing Blog inform me that within that market, the growth of  male fragrances has been extraordinary - a glance along the shelves in any perfumier exemplifies the range available. The array of bottles and concoctions designed in a myriad of shapes, colours and textures which would not be out of place in an art gallery, scream out for our attention - and of course our hard earned cash.

So, it is something of a breath of freshly scented air that Mr Vanguard arrived in 2017 offering up a discreet, and yet highly individual fragrance to challenge the huge marketing budgets of the larger brands.  Founded by Emmanuel Omoyele he commented that he wanted to “Develop a new generation of fragrance, merging quality, innovation and style.” He was determined to create a debut scent that was distinctive and a brand that fed the psyche of the contemporary man. Thus, proving that success stems from the core certainty of a winning product, rather than the hype of a huge advertising campaign. And the groaning shelf of awards Mr Vanguard has been decorated with is proof positive that these guys have a true winner on their hands, being awarded Best New British Brand, in Pure Beauty Awards 2018.

The fragrance has top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and coconut, along with jasmine, lily of the valley and rose; we’re transported to the tropical climates of The Far East and The Caribbean, finishing with the base notes of amber, vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli. A complex mix, with several layers, but ultimately a fresh and clean scent that will not overpower. The bottle itself is a triumph of self-restraint - clean and clear glass, angular in shape, simple no nonsense masculinity. Currently only available online here and competitively priced at £64.99 for 50ml, this self-assured fragrance is fast garnering a wide and loyal following, with exciting plans to expand distribution and availability.


Montezuma Truffle Chocolate Bars


It’s safe to say that everyone here at The Amazing Blog has a bit of a sweet tooth. We love indulging ourselves from time to time with sweet treats, and recently we have been treating ourselves to Montezuma’s Truffle Chocolate Bars. Montezuma is known for their innovative flavours that use the best ingredients. However, Montezuma also works with Children on the Edge, a company that works to support children around the world who are ‘living on the edge’. Through their sales, Montezuma has donated thousands of pounds to help support children struggling to survive. So not only does the chocolate taste amazing, but you can feel good about supporting a philanthropic brand. Montezuma launched their Truffle Chocolate Bar Range in 2018 and we had to be the first to try it.

The Truffle Chocolate Bar range includes four chocolate bars; Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino, Dark Chocolate with Cherry and Milk Chocolate with Coconut. These bars combine everything we love about truffles into a chocolate bar: each chunk of chocolate contains a flavoured truffle centre. First, Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Bar offers the classic sweet and salty combination of chocolate and peanut butter, which was absolutely mouth-watering. The Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino Bar brings together two of our favourite flavours, whilst the Dark Chocolate and Cherry Bar offers a delicious option for those looking for a dairy-free treat. Finally, the Milk Chocolate and Coconut Bar, is equally delicious, with a sweet, creamy and truly delightful taste.

No matter what flavour you choose, we are confident that these chocolate bars will satisfy your chocolate cravings. You can purchase the Truffle Chocolate Bar Range here for £2.59. Or, you can buy Gift Vouchers here for £10 or £20.



Ancienne Ambiance Colonia VIII

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Everyone needs a signature scent— period. Finding a personal fragrance that can transition from day to night or season to season can be quite a mission, but we at The Amazing Blog think we have got you covered. And as much as we love discovering new brands to fall in love with, there are some things, like a signature scent, that have us reaching back to brands we already know and trust. We keep returning to Ancienne Ambiance because we adore how luxurious their products are, like the Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash and Beauty Oil. They are an artisan brand inspired by the ancient world and winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, and we know that the unisex sweet fig blend of the Colonia VIII Perfume EDP will hit every note on your must-have list. 

The fig tree has a long, sacred past. With roots in Greek and Roman mythology to a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism, this little fruit has made its mark on history. Ancienne Ambiance specialises in crafting niche fragrances inspired by the ancient cultures that started it all. The Colonia VIII scent honours the art of perfumery, as each perfume is bottled with the finest ingredients in limited quantities in France, all in a stunning 100ml glass column bottle that is sure to make you feel as lavish as Cleopatra. The fragrance has its base notes rooted in the warmth of sandalwood, its heart notes rounded in coconut, and the top notes have light, natural green notes that will follow you around throughout your busy day. Everyone will stop you just to ask what you're wearing: trust us, we know from experience. 

Want to make sure your scent lasts all day? Apply it to your pulse points or the inner wrist and elbow, behind your ears and knees, and at the base of the neck. Mist it on your clothes and hair as well and avoid rubbing the scent into your skin, as it makes the fragrance fade faster.
You can purchase the Colonia VIII Perfume here for £60.

CODE Lip Intense Plumper and CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner


Full lips are one of those make-up trends that never really go out of fashion. So when we at The Amazing Blog received the Lip Intense Plumper and the Soft Smooth Lip Liner from CODE Beautiful, we loved the idea of trying these products to help make our lips look fuller and feel smoother. This boutique brand is all about creating go-to handbag essentials, so it's no surprise that both of these lip essentials were also awarded Editor's Choice for The 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards. 

The first step to a perfect pout is to apply the Lip Intense Plumper. We must admit this treatment slowly becomes addictive each time we apply it. We’ve all tried our fair share of plumping products that actually end up leaving your lips with an irritating burning sensation. However, this treatment gives you a gentle tingly, cooling sensation and of course, fuller and more nourished lips. The blend of coconut, almond and castor oil moisturises your lips, while the magical combination of Hyaluronic acid, Tripeptide-1, Dimethicone and the star ingredient, Hilurlip, to redefine and sculpt your lips. 

Once your lips are feeling plumper, the next step is to define them helping to create a long-lasting, youthful pout with the Soft Smooth Lip Liner. We think that this liner will soon become your essential product for an instantly defined lip. Brilliant to use for preventing our favourite lipsticks from feathering and also applied it on its own for a great natural look. It comes in the perfect Nude Blush shade that will give you an all-round even colour. The added bonus of this lip liner is the self-sharpening tool that automatically leaves the liner sharp for a precise application every time, all with just a quick twist of the cap. Both of these products are paraben-free and not tested on animals. You can purchase the CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner here for £18 and the Lip Intense Plumper here for £20.


Toothpastes and Express Oral Care Foam - Splat

Brushing your teeth; it's something you do every morning and evening, every day of your life. That's why Splat's unique toothpastes intrigued us; it may be fun to shake up this mundane routine. In addition, whitening toothpaste can often be damaging to tooth enamel, which is why Splat’s naturally whitening toothpastes are so tempting to us here at The Amazing Blog.

Splat delivers ethical professional oral care, focusing on natural ingredients that are still effective, all from an environmentally friendly factory. The toothpastes come in an array of exotic and unique flavours, so if you’re somewhat bored of the repetitive mint toothpastes, choose between berries, green tea, lavender and magnolia to name a few. Each flavour has specific ingredients that work to clean your teeth, for example, the Coconut Toothpaste contains coconut oil, cinnamon extract and thyme essential oil which all have antibacterial properties. Our favourites would have to be the Coconut, and the Sea Minerals, which deliver a refreshing and invigorating clean, but the Ginger or Chili ones sure are bound to wake you up in the morning! Splat’s Blackwood Charcoal Toothpaste is peculiar in that it is black in colour, but works to whiten teeth by removing any stains.

Splat also sent us the Express Oral Care Foam, an on-the-go teeth cleaning foam, and winner at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017. Liquorice, milk enzymes and aloe vera gel, amongst other ingredients, work to clean the enamel, prevent the formation of dental plaque and freshen your breath. It is ideal for long journeys, after a staining drink like coffee or red wine, or after sugary foods and drinks. All you do is spray the foam into your mouth, rinse your mouth with the foam briefly and spit it out. We are huge fans of this convenient little product.

Purchase the toothpastes here for prices ranging from £3-8, and the Express Oral Care Foam here for £6.