Siam Botanicals - After Sun Artisan Body Oil

After a long summer of holidays and sun exposure our skin can feel a little stressed. Here at The Amazing Blog, we want to give our skin some much needed TLC. Siam Botanicals have come to the rescue with their After Sun Artisan Body Oil; we had the chance to try this luxurious blend.

Although named an After Sun Oil, the usage doesn’t end there. As well as cooling and moisturising sun damaged skin, it also works as a clarifying massage oil. Siam uses 100% natural botanical oils that are compatible with the skins lipid layer, in plain English it absorbs into the skin quickly. We loved that surprisingly the oil had no greasy texture of residue, it simply provided lasting hydration, nourishment and protection.

Siam Botanicals uses only the finest natural ingredients, free from toxins and impurities. The After Sun Body Oil is made up of the usual blend of authentic Thai oils to make a rich, silky emollient base. But the potent fragrance is created from a combination of Coconut, Peppermint and Tea Tree. The minty scent gives of a soothing and relaxing aroma once melted into the skin, perfect for an evening massage. Their minimalist approach to packaging also lowers their impact on the environment.

If you want to nourish your stressed summer skin with an effective and soothing oil, order yours here for £12.65.