SK5 Razor - Shavekit

For many of us, shaving is an essential but sometimes inconvenient task. Here at The Amazing Blog we have found an easy solution. Shavekit has created the better way to shave – they offer flexible memberships to have your choice of razor delivered directly to your door. You can choose delivery to be as frequent as you like – monthly, bi-monthly or even simplier; whenever.

You just need to choose between three or five high quality blades and how often you would like your razor delivered. There are no commitments, meaning you can customise the process to suit your needs. We have been trying out the SK5 Razor, boasting five ceramic-coated carbon steel blades and an aloe strip for smooth lubrication. The trimmer blade works wonderfully for sideburns and under the nose, including all those hard-to-reach places. This razor gives a very smooth and efficient shave. Also the four replacement refill blades ensure that you will always be prepared for a close shave.

Shavekit works closely with leading manufacturers to create razors that perform better than many other brand names. All of the razors are designed with open-back architecture for easy cleaning. Made from carbon steel, these razors are dependable and deliver immacular shaves time and time again. The products are suitable for both men and women. Their quick and free delivery anywhere in the UK means that they’re a great value for your money.

The Shavekit SK5 Razor is available at their website here for £8.95.