When cooking, we all like to think we are a bit like ‘Nigella’ in the kitchen and we at The Amazing Blog love to expand our repertoire on cooking, experimenting with new recipes. We have found your must have cooking tool for the kitchen. The Thermapen will allow you to find out if your Sunday joint is thoroughly cooked without having to cut through half of it.

The simplicity of cooking has never been easier after Thermapen came into our lives. We can now stop playing the guessing game with our meat, all you have to do is probe into the joint and read the temperature, and it’s very fast and accurate. The Thermapen isn’t just for meat either, whether it’s baking a cheesecake or making homemade toffee, these normally require expertise skills, with their fussy timing, and the Thermapen however has handled it for you.

We think health and safety should always come first and the Thermapen allows us to put our mind at ease and stay safe. When cooking our Sunday roast we decided to try out the Thermapen for ourselves and we absolutely love how simple cooking was for us. We were able to sit and enjoy our Sundays without worrying about the beef inside the oven. Get yours here for £48. Here’s to stress-free cooking!