SoapNSkin - Rose and Sandalwood Collection

Who said that high quality and luxury body care is synonym for unaffordable? Here at The Amazing Blog we can show you it’s quite the opposite with SoapNSkin products. 

SoapNSkin's range includes soaps, body wash, hand wash, body butters and shampoos, all created using all natural, organic ingredients including LavenderSandalwoodRose and Jojoba. Founded by best friends Rabia and Samar, every single product is created by hand in their very own kitchens. SoapNSkin want to spread the word that our skin and hair don’t need parabens or chemicals to look shiny and silky. We 100% agree, because we cannot stop using their creations since we’ve tried the Rose & Sandalwood line. 

We love how the Rejuvenate & Calm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo looks like liquid gold and left our hair feeling soft and cleansed. The Calming & Soothing Hand & Body Soap is a multi-purpose product that can be used on your face, hands and body. Its organic base, and chemical free components means that it delicately cleanses without leaving your skin tight and taut. We also think the rich Soothing Body Butter is a staple product to have this winter, with its rose, sandalwood and neem oils which smoothed the texture of our skin, as well as protecting it against environmental damage, and the harsh cold weather.

SoapNSkin's products can be purchased on their website; the Soothing Body Butter and Rejuvenate & Calm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo retails at £12, and the Soothing Hand & Body Soap for £3.50. Treat you as Mother Nature would do!