Stem Cell Exfoliating Skin Polish - Rock & Honey

At The Amazing Blog we like to follow the latest trends and keep updated on what’s new in skincare. Rock and Honey, a London based brand uses innovative ingredients to make its products exceptional: Stem Cell Active Ingredients.

Rock & Honey created a range of polishes and creams made with these plant extract, certified organics. We were lucky enough to try the Stem Cell Exfoliating Skin Polish. The luxurious polish has a creamy white texture, almost liquid with crushed walnut and micro volcanic rock added to it to exfoliate. It contains ingredients such as organic Apricot Kernel, Coconut and Avocado oil, Rice Bran oil, essential fruits extracts with Vitamin C and E. All together they give a gorgeous natural floral scent to the polish. More than a great smell, this polish has incredible hydrating properties. In fact, Stem Cell Active ingredients are known for firming, plumping and hydrating the skin. It creates a radiant complexion and makes you feel so much better after use as your skin is soft, exfoliated and cleansed. We suggest using the Stem Cell Exfoliating Skin Polish on a daily use basis by applying a small amount of cream. Gently massage it to fully exfoliate the face and cleanse on all skin types.

Organic ingredients will always be the best way to treat your skin so get yourself the Stem Cell Exfoliating Skin Polish from Rock & Honey here for £25.