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Shampoo Bars by AA Skincare from Amphora Aromatics

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At The Amazing Blog we like to take great care of our hair as such, we love discovering new products designed to help us have healthy, shiny and flawless hair. AA skincare a body and hair care brand recently launched their shampoo bars for all types of hair. Some of the products from the range include an almond shampoo bar, an intense coconut bar and the twilight shampoo bar. At The Amazing Blog, we were lucky enough to try the Zing Fresh and the Botanical Boost Shampoo bars.

The Botanical Boost shampoo is made to suit all hair types and provide them with the care they need. Formulated with various essential oils and natural ingredients this shampoo hydrates hair and gently cleanses the scalp. The Shampoo bar is enriched with frankincense oil and avocado oil, and together they act as hair growth stimulator while calming scalp irritation. In addition to the frankincense and avocado oils, the Botanical Boost is infused with argan oil, rose oil, rose geranium oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil making it a highly nourishing shampoo that protects hair and gives them a new life and radiance.

If you enjoy a little dose of freshness, the Zing Fresh Shampoo bar is just what you need.  Essentially formulated for oily, dry or damaged hair this shampoo enriched with peppermint essential oil and coconut oil rejuvenates hair and leaves them moisturised and silky smooth. While coconut oil deeply nourishes hair peppermint on the other side deeply cleanses the scalp, refreshes hair and helps control oil excess. The fresh and minty scent of the product is both pleasant and invigorating.     

Both bars are paraben free and are easily portable and travel-friendly.

You can purchase the Botanical Boost here for £5.94 and the Zing Fresh here for £5.94.

Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner by AA Skincare from Amphora Aromatics

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It is no secret that The Amazing Blog holds natural beauty products above all others. Amphora Aromatic's natural skincare range, AA Skincare, has come out with new plant inspired natural shampoos, which have obviously caught our eye. With six new shampoo and conditioner sets to chose from we decided to put their Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Conditioning shampoo and conditioner to the test. It's worth noting that the conditioner is vegan, however the shampoo contains honey so is only suitable for vegetarians.

The first thing to say is that this product smells utterly amazing. The delicate but fragrant notes of the Ylang Ylang are the first thing to wash over you and instantly made us feel like we were at the spa. Asides from it's delightful scent, the Ylang Ylang essential oil in the product helps to promote a healthy scalp by nourishing and repairing brittle hair. The cucumber extract soothes the scalp and leaves hair feeling silky and soft. Yet, it is the rosemary extract that is the hero ingredient as it actually encourages hair growth and adds volume. The reviving conditioner is the perfect way to finish your hair wash as it is filled with argan oil, promising to leave your hair looking shiny and healthy.

That's why the Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary range is ideal for dry hair, as the ingredients are moisturising and nourishing. If your hair concerns are elsewhere, their Amla & Clary Sage range soothes scalp irritations, the Cedarwood & Peppermint is deep cleansing for oily hair, the Peony, Bay & Brahmi is nourishing and soothing, the Rose & Pomegranate range is 'ultra-gentle', and the Rosemary, Sage & Burdock repairs damaged hair.

The shampoo is available here and the conditioner here, both for £5.94 each.

Soaps - Friday Favourites

Here at The Amazing Blog, we think that your bathroom should be the most luxurious room in your house, and once you add one of these lavish liquid hand soaps to it, it sure will be.

The first option is Olivos Liquid Soap, which is made with 100% pure olive oil obtained from the Edremit region in Turkey. We love that it has no additive colours, yet it still has the olives tone because of the oil within the formula. The liquid soap leaves your hads feeling nourished and youthful all day, also it is free of all parabens. The bottle has a chic gold and black deisign which will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom counter.

Get this sleek black and gold 500ml bottle of luxurious liquid hand soap here for €9.50 (Approximately £8.08)

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Another paraben free selection of hand washes we chose to review is from is by AA Skincare. the range includes a selection of four individual scents; Peppermint & Ginger, Lime & Clary Sage, Sage & Ylang Ylang, and Cinnamon and Spearmint. Our teams’ personal favourite is the Lime and Clary Sage, a perfect mixe of sweet and soft! each of the different combinations have different characters; soothing, calming, uplifting, and invigorating which you can shoose to cuit your mood. The bottle is a simple 250ml pump, allowing the contrasting fragraces to do the talking.

What mood do you choose? They can be purachsed here for £5.94.

our next suggestion is the Willow Tree Lane Organic hand and body wash by Willow Tree Skincare. It has a beautiful natural summery scent as it is made with cedar, lemon, and rosemary. It's vegan friendly and organic and it is imported from Australia. The simplicity of the bottle design may not be the most extravagant, however the sweet smell and smooth skin that it leaves can't be beaten. The formula now contains Kelp, a known natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, removing all of the dead cells from the skin.

Grab this multipurpose soap that gently hydrates all skin types here for £16.31.

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The next brand we recommend you trying is the brand Swedish Handmade, as it specialises in handmade beauty products. Our favourite product from their range is the Lux Handmade Soap, straight away when opening the lid it is oozes with the smell of the strong garden rose fragrance, the scent is gorgeous and refreshing it’s a great first impression.

Overall we were really impressed by the brand Swedish Handmade, as they’re unique selling point focuses on their natural ingredients here at the Amazing blog.  The product is really good for our skin; this soap has several key ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, grape-seed oil, water and rose oil.   These combinations of ingredients are everything we need in a product to help our skin stay in good condition and keep our hands soft.

If you love natural hand made products just as much as we do you can purchase this product here for £10.

Frankincense & Rose Face Toner - AA Skincare

At The Amazing Blog we are always looking for beauty tips and tricks to share with our readers. Recently, we got sent a new product we were excited to tell you about by the brand AA Skincare that specialises in beauty essentials that are natural yet effective.

Whether you are working or just out and about, we know how hard it is to keep a fresh looking skin throughout the day, but the AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Face Toner can definitely help you with that. You can use it in the morning to add to your everyday routine: once you've cleansed your skin, use the face toner as a base before your moisturiser. However, the best part is that it also has a perfect travel size to fit in your bag and use every time you feel like refreshing your skin.  It is suitable for all skin types and it has a strong fragrance of rose infused with pure natural ingredients to re-hydrate and revive your skin.

To keep your skin hydrated and fresh, grab the Frankincense & Rose Face Toner by AA Skincare. Available to purchase here for £7.98.

Deodorant Feature - Friday Favourites

We at The Amazing Blog know how important it is to stay fresh while living our busy and sometimes hectic lives. Whether we are running daily errands, going to the gym or travelling; we all want to feel protected from unpleasant odours. We also love discovering new brands that do natural and organic products that are vegan friendly, not tested on animals and that are free from nasty chemicals that harm our health.  That’s why we tried and tested three great brands that offered us just what we were looking for. 

Green People were one of the first brands we tried and fell in love with. Their paraben free Quinoa & Prebiotics Deodorant is 89% organic and non-irritating, so what’s not to love? It also effectively controls odours and doesn’t contain pore-clogging aluminium. You should also expect this ultra-gentle roll-on deodorant to deliver more than just supreme protection: skin-loving ingredients like Rosemary and Shea butter soothe and calm the underarm, prevent irritation and regulate the skin’s acid balance. Skin is left soothed, softened and refreshingly scented with a pleasant citrus formula. Green People Quinoa & Prebiotics deodorant is available for £9.50 on their website.

When AA Skincare launched their new fresh-smelling trio of deodorants we were happy to try them out since they promised to give day-long protection. Not only did this effective trio deliver long lasting protection, they also allowed our skin to breathe as the ingredients used contain pure deodorising essential oils and natural extracts. The deodorants come in Grapefruit & Cedarwood, Lemongrass & Lavender, and Bergamot & Aloe, so you can choose your favourite one. These naturally effective deodorants won’t block your pores or irritate your skin and they contain no aluminium salts, alcohol or artificial fragrances.  Packed in handy glass roll-on containers to ensure no wastage, the range is competitively priced at just £4.95 and is available online here.

Salt of the Earth’s Pure Aura Natural Deodorant for Women was our most recent product to trial. With the sweet scent of Lavender and Vanilla, this natural spray-on deodorant will leave underarms fresh all day long with a heavenly blend of plant extracts and oils. With no testing on animals and made from wholly natural ingredients, this product is not only good for your skin but also for your conscience! For these reasons, it is no wonder Salt of the Earth has received multiple accolades for their products. Their range also includes an unscented Natural Deodorant with Aloe Vera and Baking Soda that is suitable for men and women and also comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Treat your oft-forgotten underarms to some natural TLC with Salt of the Earth’s Natural Deodorant here from £2.99 for a handy travel sized Unscented spray to £5.99 for the Pure Aura Natural Deodorant for Women.