Cracked Lips

Dr. Lipp's Moisturising Lip Tints

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Happy Valentines Day from us at The Amazing Blog! Whether you’re spending the evening with a loved one, or are planning to snuggle under a blanket with some chocolate and a chick flick - you’ll want to be taking care of your lips. Particularly at this time of the year, we’re subject to dry and cracked skin, which is only made worse by chemically laden lip products. This is where Dr. Lipp steps up the lip product game! Founded by Norwegian entrepreneur and artist, Pontine Paus, this brand is perfect for sassy women who want to know what is inside their beauty products.

Created out of just four, all natural ingredients, this brand really created a lifestyle movement of full disclosure skincare. Pontine Paus explains “sometimes the best things have been around for centuries, we just need to learn about them”, something we couldn’t agree more with. Their products are 100% natural, with the brand being particularly famous for its Original Nipple Balm. Designed for dry skin, this balm has won multiple awards, and is know for its glorious richness and ultra-effective long-lasting moisture. In fact, we reviewed this product last year (see here), so we were more than excited to try their new range of Moisturising Colour Tints.

These tints have the same base as The Original Nipple Balm, made from medical grade lanolin, ditrach phosphate (a natural pigment disperser) and glyceryl caprilate (a natural preservative made from organically grown vegetable oils). The difference however, is the addition of pigment, with three different colours sourced from organically grown plants. The first, a natural pink, comes from the use of sweet potato pigment, while the deeper burgundy shade is derived from elderberry pigment. Flavour and fragrance-free, these tints will leave your lips kissably soft. Additionally, for red lip lovers, the red radish pigment creates a bold, yet moisturised finish.

To purchase your own lip tints (free from parabens, animal testing, sulphates and mineral oil), then visit the Dr. Lipp website here. You can purchase them as a lip set for £18 or individually for £6.99 (8ml).

Nakin - Lip Treatment Balm


As the weather has turned colder, we’ve been suffering from dry and cracked skin at The Amazing Blog. Our lips have particularly taken a hit, and we’ve found ourselves continuously slathering products on, to try and rectify the situation. Having previously tried Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Advanced Cleansing Milk (see here), we were excited to try their Lip Treatment Balm (with fingers and toes crossed that it would solve our dry skin woes!)

Founded by Cris Beetham, Nakin offer a varied array of natural skincare products, designed to “enhance skin and smooth away signs of ageing”. Using only plant-based ingredients, Nakin’s philosophy of natural and ethical living has propelled them to become Pure Beauty Award winners, testimony to their focus on repairing and nourishing, with skin-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. As many of our go-to lip products contain an array of chemicals, we were more than pleased to discover Nakin’s Natural Lip Treatment Balm.

This 15ml lip balm contains an plethora of powerhouse ingredients, including shea, which works to soothe and soften the skin, and mint, which stimulates circulation. Together, these ingredients plump and smoothe the lips, without the need for lip fillers, or going under the knife. This treatment balm also contains baobab oil, which hydrates the skin, fighting against city pollution and winter sun; while argan kernel oil works alongside the shea, to soothe cracked skin. All in all, these ingredients work to provide the lips with much needed nutrients, and hydration, taking away the dry and tight sensation commonly found at this time of the year.

We apply this Lip Treatment Balm throughout the day, and slather a thicker layer on, before going to bed. Thanks to the light, yet nourishing consistency, this lip balm also works well when applied before lipstick or lip gloss. Try it for yourself for £10 here.