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Hollywood Browzer

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We love nothing more than to have immaculately groomed eyebrows at The Amazing Blog, but upkeep of a well-defined looking brow is often both expensive and time-consuming. Finding the time to visit a salon, growing out brows in-between appointments or doing a costly waxing and threading is not ideal; so we were keen to explore alternative options. This is where Hollywood Browzer comes into play, a painless, quick and easy hair removal method that can be used to shape eyebrows, and so much more.

The concept of Hollywood Browzer is a simple one: to provide effective hair removal on dry skin, ensuring easy hair removal even for those with sensitive skin. To use this product, it's crucial to hold the Hollywood Browzer at a 45-degree angle, using short and gentle strokes against taut skin. This takes a little practice, but we're now dab hands in the office! We found the Hollywood Browzer is best used for shaping eyebrows. However, it is equally effective at removing peach fuzz, upper lip hair and chin hair. It is also gentle enough to be used on the bikini line and gives the same grow back rate as tweezing, threading and waxing. Gone are the days of worrying about thicker hair regrowth. We like how transportable this product is. It’s easy to take away with you and safe to store thanks to the foldable element (keeping the blade secure).

Our favourite part, however, is its longevity. We found our blade lasted over three months - we imagine helped massively by wiping it after each use, and storing it correctly. At just £7.95 for one, the price it is a fraction of the cost of professional hair removal - replacing after 2-3 months is much less of a tug at the purse strings. If you too would like to try this painless hair removal method, then you can purchase the Hollywood Browzer Single in Classic Black here. Alternatively, there are a range of colours available here, as well as duo packs to make your money stretch a little further.

Dr. Lipp's Moisturising Lip Tints

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Happy Valentines Day from us at The Amazing Blog! Whether you’re spending the evening with a loved one, or are planning to snuggle under a blanket with some chocolate and a chick flick - you’ll want to be taking care of your lips. Particularly at this time of the year, we’re subject to dry and cracked skin, which is only made worse by chemically laden lip products. This is where Dr. Lipp steps up the lip product game! Founded by Norwegian entrepreneur and artist, Pontine Paus, this brand is perfect for sassy women who want to know what is inside their beauty products.

Created out of just four, all natural ingredients, this brand really created a lifestyle movement of full disclosure skincare. Pontine Paus explains “sometimes the best things have been around for centuries, we just need to learn about them”, something we couldn’t agree more with. Their products are 100% natural, with the brand being particularly famous for its Original Nipple Balm. Designed for dry skin, this balm has won multiple awards, and is know for its glorious richness and ultra-effective long-lasting moisture. In fact, we reviewed this product last year (see here), so we were more than excited to try their new range of Moisturising Colour Tints.

These tints have the same base as The Original Nipple Balm, made from medical grade lanolin, ditrach phosphate (a natural pigment disperser) and glyceryl caprilate (a natural preservative made from organically grown vegetable oils). The difference however, is the addition of pigment, with three different colours sourced from organically grown plants. The first, a natural pink, comes from the use of sweet potato pigment, while the deeper burgundy shade is derived from elderberry pigment. Flavour and fragrance-free, these tints will leave your lips kissably soft. Additionally, for red lip lovers, the red radish pigment creates a bold, yet moisturised finish.

To purchase your own lip tints (free from parabens, animal testing, sulphates and mineral oil), then visit the Dr. Lipp website here. You can purchase them as a lip set for £18 or individually for £6.99 (8ml).

Oriflame Amber Elixir Night


At The Amazing Blog we always love to test out new perfumes. After reviewing Oriflame Pretty Swan we couldn’t help ourselves but review another one Oriflames lovely fragrances. We decided we wanted to try a scent that would be perfect for a night out, instead of the Pretty Swan, which we believe could be worn all day.

Amber Elixir Night  was introduced in 2009, which if I would have known how fantastic this smelled, I would have been the first one to buy it. Fortunately for us at The Amazing Blog we all got to test out this spray. We all agreed that Amber Elixir Night is a very rich fragrance that has a strong  sweet scent to it, it almost reminds me of the rich smell of almonds.  The Amber Elixir Night perfume out performs a lot of the other expensive perfumes that I have worn in the past simply because it lasts for around 6-7 hours. What I loved about Amber Elixir is that when it soaked onto my skin for a couple minutes or so, the notes of fruit and the amber seemed to become more prominent, and after a couple of hours the sweet almond fragrance became more noticeable, it was constantly evolving. It was as if I changed my perfume throughout the night.

I would recommend Oriflame Amber Elixir to anyone who was interested in a sophisticated yet fruity type of fragrance that is perfect for those nights where you just want to stand out. I personally can guarantee I will be wearing this as much as I can.  For the resonable price of £20.95 you can have the perfect long lasting fragrance that will give you that sexy and desirable edge on your nights out.

Magic Lips

We girls here at The Amazing Blog are a bunch of self-confessed beauty junkies. Barely a day goes by when we're not hard at work (ahem!) sourcing the latest beauty must-haves for our followers. And, of course, it's not exactly a hardship testing and trialling all the fabulous products we feature on The Amazing Blog. Whether it's soaking in the latest bubble bath, de-frizzing our manes with a new hair serum or de-clogging our pores with an indulgent face mask, there's always a willing volunteer!

Thus, when we came across Magic Lips, I was first to offer myself up as guinea pig for this innovative range of lipsticks. Created by Ultra Glow Cosmetics, Magic Lips is a paraben-free, long-lasting lipstick that is swim-proof, kiss-proof and sports-proof. Unlike many other lipsticks, which often have a drying effect, Magic Lips has a unique conditioning formula that leaves your pout soft and supple.

Magic Lips come in a huge range of colours and the innovative ingredients mean that the lipstick changes colour according to your PH, creating the perfect shade unique to you. We tried the Green Magic Lips, and while it was rather daunting applying a bottle green shade to my lips, it soon changed to a lovely hue of rose pink.

So, if you're tired of hunting for a shade that suits you, check out Magic Lips for the perfect lipstick!


With the party season upon us again I feel quite literally like I’m constantly ‘chasing my tail’ endlessly getting nowhere, trying to fit in a plethora of activities to attend. So when it comes to precious minutes to glam up for an evening out – for me long-lasting make up is a must. Recently I discovered a new lip colour and gloss by LipSense, a brand adored in the U.S. for over ten year by such celebrities as Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Aniston that has only just now reached the UK.  This formula promises to lasts up to 18 hours and works to improve the condition of lips.  In fact, the longer you wear the lip gloss, the longer it promises to stay on because by becoming increasingly hydrated, your lips become better able to retain product.

With my lifestyle, I was particularly interested in the claim that LipSense glosses promise to stay put through all the wear-and-tear of your day while also providing 100% UVA&UVB protection. I have now test driven LipsSense for the past two week and can happily say it lives up to its claims. However I think the secret is to constantly keep re-applying the Lip Gloss which keeps lips moist and from looking dry. When you buy LipSense you really need to buy the Liquid Lip Pigment, Oops! Liquid Colour Remover and  Lip Gloss they come as a package of three. The remover is most definitely needed otherwise you’ll be going to bed and waking up with highly pigmented lips! Additionally what I also like is that they are made from completely natural ingredients and have undergone no animal testing (BTW that's standard now in the EU ). I went for the SheerBerry which is a neutral lip colour. The actual Liquid Lip Colour is £18 each but if you go for the remover and gloss as well (very advisable) it is £45. Sounds quite a lot, but actually a little goes a long way (I only put on one light coat of the Lip Colour). Coming in a multitude of fabulous shades, there’s a colour for any occasion.  Find the perfect pink for chilly days and a romantic red for those special nights out - no matter the shade of your lips you’ll be guaranteed to be happier and healthier when dressed up in your favourite LipSense gloss