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Friday Favourites: Hand Creams

Hand cream is an absolute must for us at The Amazing Blog and as we’re still in the throes of winter, we can’t help noticing our chapped hands and split nails. Today we’re going to introduce you to some TLC for your hard-working digits. Whether you’re looking for a quick light fix or a protective barrier cream, we have a selection of our #amazingfinds for you to try.

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As regular readers will know we are fans of Rosenserien products and you’ll find our most recent post on their Shampoo & Body Scrub here. Now we are testing out their rather rich and delicious smelling Hand Cream this has 100% naturally sourced ingredients with more than 75% being organic, it is also vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Key ingredients are Aloe vera, coconut wax, jojoba oil, shea butter, calendula, vitamin E, soybean and rose oil.

What we particularly like about this hand cream is that it feels thick, nourishing and it lasts. It also smells deliciously of roses; this comes in 100ml tube for £17 here and a little goes a long way.

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Yes, it’s yet another natural skincare brand that we have a bit of a crush for. We recently wrote about their Firming Body Milk here . This SOS Help Hand Balm they say is for ‘demanding hands that require special intensive care,’ and we couldn’t agree more. Perhaps not as thick as Rosenserien, but equally as effective. This is much lighter in texture and the cream absorbs quickly. Their organic actives include cacao butter, almond and macadamia nut oil (to relieve tautness) shea butter (for increased elasticity).

SOS Hand Balm certainly comes to the rescue leaving soft hand and hydrated; this is perfect in this current chilly weather. SOS Help Hand Balm is 50ml at a reasonable price of £6.95 available here.

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This is a very different kind of hand cream from the others that we’ve mentioned. Cuderm Hand is more science-based and offers an intense hydration that forms a protective barrier. It has been created specifically for dry and sensitive hands and is fragrance free, SLS freehypoallergenicparaben free and alcohol-free. What makes this particularly unique is the key ingredient of their clinically proven colloidal oatmeal, which is obtained as a natural extract from oats. This helps to support, protect and promote healthy skin.

We think this cream is ideal for anyone with itchy or sensitive skin or who is exposed on a daily basis to environmental irritants. To purchase the 75ml tube for £5.49 see here.

Styx Hand Cream.jpg

When you talk about a Potato Hand Balm its doesn’t sound very sexy or enticing. However, I’m assured that potato juice is the thing and extremely rich in vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and potassium minerals. These all offer protection against dry and cracked skin and various skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Potato juice is also deemed safe for any sensitive skins.

Styx Naturacosmetic is one of our #amazingfinds; and with over 50 year standing, this family run Austrian skincare brand has a strong belief in sustainability. So much so, that they’ve scooped up many environmental awards along the way. They believe in using organically grown and locally sourced wild plant-based raw materials for their ingredients, and when we met with them, they were insistent that we had to try this Balm! In Austria potatoes have been used for centuries to help heal the skin. This Potato Balm is based on a traditional Austrian peasant farmers’ recipe used as a remedy for treating all skin blemishes, sunburn, rough and chapped skin. In the balm there are also cold pressed vegetable oils (jojoba and macadamia) with the addition of shea butter and of course the potatoes. We like the slight sweet nutty fragrance, and that there was no greasy residue and it absorbed quickly. Potato Balm is available in a 70ml tube at £14.26 from Amazon here.

Whether your hand cream is made from roses, nut oils, colloidal oatmeal or potatoes; we hope that we’ve given you a ‘helping hand’ to try something just a little bit different.

Wild Rose Bath and Shower Gel and Wild Rose Hand and Body Lotion - White Swan

At The Amazing Blog, we like nothing more than to have squeaky clean and silky soft skin. We were thrilled to be sent White Swan’s Hand & Body Lotion as well as their Bath & Shower Gel. This brand is one of our great finds all the way from the USA. 

The motto of this company is to “Remember, there is more than one way to come out smelling like a rose.” Oh yes and they are so right... Unlike other rose perfumed body products that we have recently tried, which generally had a much sweeter and more artificial scent, these products left us smelling like crushed wild rose petals all day. We are happy to report that the products are all paraben, SLS and gluten free. We've found that the White Swan products are a deliciously natural way to complete our routine of moisturising and nourishing.  So much so we certainly came out smelling of roses!

With the weather never knowing what it’s doing, going from hot to cold to rainy to muggy all in a short space of time, it can be so hard to keep that fresh and clean feeling throughout the day. However, with the help of White Swan’s Hand & Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Gel as part of your bathroom routine, that certainly won’t be the case anymore. In particular, the Hand & Body lotion left our skin feeling silky smooth and fabulous all day!

Although White Swan is based in the USA, their products start from $7.50 and you can purchase their products here via PAYPAL.


Hand Lotion, Hand Cream, Hand Wash, Candle - The Handmade Soap Co

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Winter season has arrived and whilst it’s cold outside it’s important to keep your skin moisturized. Here at The Amazing Blog we understand the bad effects coldness can have on our skin. It’s better to be stocked up and avoid getting dry skin… rough as cracked hands have never been pretty. The Handmade Soap Co is perfect to keep your skin smooth and soft for the cold seaon.

The Handmade Soap Co specializes in products from bath to body, lips and hands, from soaps to lotions and butters to balms. Not only skincare products but they also have candles and diffusers with their own different fragrances. The four ranges are grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass and sweet orange as well as a men’s collection to suit every single one. The products are handmade with care and uses natural ingredients from plant and mineral extracts to create skincare collections suitable for anyone and all skin types.

The two hand lotions we received included the Lemongrass & Cedarwood which has a strong scent that leave your hands smelling gorgeous for hours, it is a light liquid creamy formula for your skin to absorbs it and keep your working hands feeling soft throughout the day. The second hand lotion was the Grapefruit & May Chang which has a fruity fragrance, really nice refreshing scent, easily absorbed to keep your hands moisturised.

Each range has their own stamp and signature which we at The Amazing Blog, really appreciated and even more liked the idea of this packaging. The next product we received was part of the Lavender range: a Hand Cream infused with a combination of lavender, rosemary thyme and mint. The lavender and mint are quite overpowering in a good way as it really shines through and smells so gorgeous it makes us want to eat it.  

The Hand wash from the Lemongrass and Cedarwood range also has a strong fragrance like its hand lotion but it compliments it really well. It is refreshing to use and we advise you to use the hand lotion after as their combination leaves your hands feeling smooth and soft with a lovely scent.

Finally, you can never have too many candles in winter time, when it’s cold and raining outside the best thing to do is cosying up in the sofa with a warm blanket, a hot cuppa, watching television and of course with nice scented candles… As each range has their own candle and diffuser it really adds more value and a unique touch to each collections. We tried the candle from the Sweet Orange collection an we loved it.

These are the perfect products to stock up for winter time and would make lovely gifts too. You can purchase the Lemongrass hand lotion for £14.95 here , the Grapefruit hand lotion for £12.95 here, the Hand cream from the Lavender collection here for £11.95 and the Hand wash here for £12.95. Last but not least, you can purchase the Sweet Orange candle here for £15.95.

Lychee Sorbet Collection by Heathcote & Ivory for Accessorize

After a harsh, cold bout of weather, our hands and lips are still feeling a bit worse for wear as spring arrives. Here at The Amazing Blog, we know it’s important to protect them, so we’re excited to treat them to Lychee Sorbet – Travel Hand Creams and Lip Balm by Heathcote & Ivory for Accessorize.

Formulated with Shea Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil, the Lychee Sorbet Travel Hand Cream has a pleasant, rich, and smooth texture that doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. Our hands feel moisturised and deeply nourished with a sensation of freshness and suppleness to our skin all day long. We especially love the fruity fragrance of Blossom, Lily, Amber and Sweet Orange, which reminds us that after winter comes springtime. Another bonus is the lovely packaging accessorised with a clip to personalise bags, belts, wallets or pencil cases; the handy size is just so convenient! The Lip Balm is also great for protecting our lips. Rich in protective Beeswax, hydrating Coconut oil, and cooling Menthol, it leaves a shiny gloss finish and an impressive sensation of freshness a long time after its application. The rich texture also gives us fuller lips.

Grab the Lychee Sorbet Travel Hand Creams here for £8 and the Lychee Sorbet Lip Balm here for £5.


Friday Favourites - Hand Cream Feature

Working in an office, the team here at The Amazing Blog often struggle with dry hands. Air conditioning and constantly juggling papers parches our mitts to no end, so we’re always keeping an eye out for nourishing and soothing hand care products. Being the beauty junkies that we are, there are a number of hand creams that pass through the office, but we’ve decided to pick out a few of our favourites to share with you.

The most notable thing about Odylique’s new Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie is its sweet and distinctive smell. Needless to say, if you aren’t a lemon lover, this probably isn’t the lotion for you. However, if you are a common user of zingy scents, the lemon and vanilla fusion will keep your senses indulging in lemony bliss. Don’t worry, the smell of the product is strong, but it is effective as well. The combination of cocoa and coconut butter, along with virgin avocado oil, is sure to fully moisturise your hands and keep them from cracking. It is also 100% natural and 93% organic. This product is available online for £12.99.

We usually moisturise our hands with a cream rather than a balm. However, when we heard about the drive behind the company Kahina Giving Beauty, we decided to try their Fez Hand And Body Balm. The founder Katharine L’Heureux uses Organic Argan Oil to protect, nourish and enhance the quality of skin in each product her company produces. Kahina donates a percentage of its profits to support programs that improve the lives of Berber women who extract the Argan Oil used in the products. If that wasn’t enough, she personally ventures to Morocco to pick up the oil to ensure that the women who are extracting it are being treated as they should. To read more about her story and the drive behind this charitable company, visit their website. You can pick up the hand balm for £35 here.

We have featured Touche By Flavien on our blog before, but that’s because we just can’t get enough of the products! Luckily, along with its other great skincare products, the company provides a hand cream as well. The Rosa Rubiginosa & Prickly Pear Regeneration Hand Cream is full of skin conditioning botanics which are sure to help tackle the pesky signs of ageing on your beloved hands. The Rosa Rubiginosa scent is unique in a sense that is has traditionally been referred to as “the fountain of youth.” In our opinion, this fact speaks for itself in the wondrous results it provides. Purchase the product for £38 here.

Tisserand_rosegarden_handlotion_small copy.jpg

Here in the office, we find British heritage a fascinating subject, and admire the work of organisations like the National Trust, who work to preserve our national treasures. We were delighted when we discovered that Tisserand Aromatherapy had collaborated with the company, bringing a range of bath oils and lotions carefully created with the National Trust’s ethical and environmental ethos in mind. Their Rose Garden Hand & Body Lotion combines a beautiful blend of Rose Essential Oil and Sandalwood, which evokes scenes from our favourite Jane Austen novels. The floral cream also contains Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, ideal for nourishing skin, and is perfect for preserving our delicate hands. You can pick up the Hand & Body Lotion here for £8.