La Sultane de Saba – Hammam Rituals Kit

Here at The Amazing Blog, we try to make time for relaxation - this is one of your top priorities; and recently we've been taking this routine to the next level, thanks to the luxurious spa brand La Sultane de Saba. This natural artisan French spa brand has established itself as spa and wellness experts, bringing unique globally inspired treatments to their 4 Parisian flagship spas and also to over 2,500 international spas. They pride themselves on developing products from the proven beauty traditions of past generations. Their products and treatments work on a holistic level and they understand how important it is for us all to find time for relaxation and downtime in our busy modern schedules. This amazing Moroccan inspired Hammam Rituals Kit is a home spa treatment and it's certainly helped us to let our stresses and strains fade away...

The Hammam Ritual Kit comes in an elegantly designed rich brown zippered pouch, it contains natural Rassoul Lava Clay, Black Soap, Shea Butter, a Kessa Glove and a spatula. The three products provide your hair, body and face with a variety of benefits that we'll go into more detail about below. You can use the included Kessa Glove with any of these three products to give skin a deep scrub that gets rid of dead skin cells. The included spatula allows you to use every last bit of these products.

First, we have the Rassoul Lava Clay which can be used on hair, body and face.  When applied to the hair this formula works to add volume and reduce oil. When used on the skin this spread is highly cleansing and works wonders for those with back acne. The star ingredients in this treatment are lava clay, rose and salicylic acid. The lava clay comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and works to purify. The rose works to calm, sooth and tone. The Salicylic Acid helps to improve cellular growth, create a more even skin texture, and is highly cleansing.

Next, we have the Black Soap which is a face and body cleanser for all skin types. The soap cleanser contains organic black and green olives, eucalyptus and olive fruit oil.  The organic black and green olives work together to hydrate skin, leaving a refreshed feeling. The eucalyptus provides an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and decongesting effect.  And lastly, the olive fruit oil helps to regenerate and replenish skin. This Black Soap has made a great addition to our shower routine.  

Last but certainly not least, we have the Shea Butter. This body butter contains Shea which is nourishing, balancing, and healing. Shea naturally contains vitamins A, E & F providing skin with a variety of health benefits. The added orange blossom provides skin with a calm, soothing effect. In addition to being a body butter (which is our favourite use for the product), this product can be used to prevent/reduce stretch marks, fix chapped lips, as a moisturiser, massage balm or even as a hair mask.  You can purchase the Hammam Rituals Kit here for £52.95. We would also like to mention that The Spa at Dolphin Square in London uses La Sultane de Saba products, so if you are looking for an authentic full-on Hammam experience, we recommend booking in here.

Vata Hydrating Cleanser - SAMAYA

At the Amazing Blog, we believe in the long-term benefits of using all natural products rather than those laden with chemicals and so love testing new products that use simple, natural ingredients and we have found a brilliant product in SAMAYA’s Vata Hydrating Cleanser.

SAMAYA is founded on Ayurvedic principles with a holistic approach, aiming to provide their customers with ‘perfect balance' by using simple and effective ingredients. SAMAYA has three distinct ranges each tailored for different needs – Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. As everyone's skin is different, the variety in SAMAYA care is marvellous because it means you can find the product that is right for you. With each range containing a blend of botanical ingredients, free from parabens and synthetics, you can't go wrong.

The SAMAYA product we tried was the Vata Hydrating Cleanser. The cleanser was creamy and rubs in like an oil, making it extremely hydrating without being too cloying. We adored the subtle and natural fragrance of the product. When applied it felt luxurious and holistic. The ingredients in the cleanser are splendid, with Ayurvedic botanicals such as Rose, Turmeric, Tulsi, Gotu Kola, and Ashwagandha. This particular blend of high-quality ingredients has a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant effects, making it a great cleanser for skin prone to acne and redness.

Great at removing makeup and impurities without drying out the skin, it left our skin feeling softer and more balanced.

We enjoyed SAMAYA’s Ayurvedic approach to skin care as the product offers a relaxing and indulgent cleansing experience that has great results. To achieve the perfect balance, you can purchase the Vata Hydrating Cleanser here for £69.00.

Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil - Dr Renaud

As the cold weather is firmly here to stay, with no end in sight, cleansing oils are becoming a firm favourite with us here at The Amazing Blog. We have been trying out the fabulous Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil, from the always brilliant French brand Dr Renaud It is a gentle cleanser that removes all makeup (yes, even waterproof!) while leaving your skin cleaner, softer.

Dr Renaud is a brand renowned for its innovative and scientific approach to skincare. This approach has resulted in a high performing line of products that target any and all concerns you may have; from acne to redness and hyperpigmentation Dr Renaud will have the fix. This particular cleansing oil is suited to all skin types, and may particularly be appreciated by older skins, due to the cleansers non-drying formula.

Our favourite thing about this oil is that it’s full of wonderful, natural, skin-loving ingredients. It contains the active ingredients Rose Centifolia, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Macadamia Oil. Whilst the rose and Vitamin E work to erase pigmentation and produce a clear complexion, the three nut oils condition and leave our skins plump and soft. The texture of the cleanser is lovely and light, turning into a milky emulsion on contact with water. You simply need to put a small amount in your hands to gently warm the oil and then apply to a dry face. After massaging the face, add water and rinse away the emulsified oil with fingers or a flannel. Your skin will be left feeling calmed and refreshed! The Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil is brilliant for fighting dryness and dehydration, so your skin will feel nourished and protected against the harshest and cruellest elements!

You can buy 200ml of Dr. Renaud’s Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil here for £25.

Botanicals Face Balm


Here at The Amazing Blog, we often feel that our skin deserves some rejuvenation as winter chapping starts to set in. Botanicals have created our go-to product to give our face some extra TLC, the Nourishing Face Balm is a luxurious, indulgent and multi-purpose treatment.

The award-winning balm is designed to enhance skin’s texture, in order words you should wake up in the morning with baby soft skin. This is the perfect burst of hydration for dry skin and would even work as an after-sun. The key ingredients of this handmade treatment are shea butter, jojoba oil, wild rose and green tea extracts to name a few. All of which provide a deep conditioning with a beautiful rose infused scent, we loved lathering the balm on at night as the fragrance soothed us into a relaxed sleep. The natural oils balance even oily skin and work with the natural processes of skin rejuvenation rather than against it.

We can’t get enough of our super soft skin! A little goes a long way, one pot will keep you refreshed and radiant for a good while. Reveal the English Rose in you with this UK Handmade face balm, available here for £27.95.

English Rose Cosmetics Rose Bath Oil  

We can now confirm that your search for a bath product that will keep your skin soft and smelling great is finally over. Here at The Amazing Blog, we are in love with our new discovery, the English Rose Cosmetic’s Rose Bath Oil from English Rose Cosmetics. Owner, Karin McKay, loves using bath oils because the vegetable oils that they contain, are non-irritating unlike some ingredients typically found in foaming bath products. This bath oil contains sunflower oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and rose absolute which makes it rich in Vitamins A, D, and E.

This heavenly oil can be used while taking a bath or is gentle enough to be applied directly to the body as a fragranced body oil that will leave the wearer with a delicious rose petal scent all day. It is the perfect finishing product for your morning routine to leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. English Rose Cosmetics is committed to working with suppliers that do not conduct tests on animals, and using naturally effective ingredients that bring benefits to you, the consumer.

A tall, square, retro style glass bottle of “Lay Back & Think of England” Rose Bath Oil can be purchased directly from the English Rose Cosmetics website here for £12.