Jane Scrivner

Jane Scrivner – Expert Eye Duo

edwinas thursdayThese days, a full night’s sleep is a rarity for me, so I am often plagued with tired, puffy eyes. So we at The Amazing Blog were happy to discover the new Expert Eye Duo by Jane Scrivner. Consisting of the Ultra Hydrating Eye Masque and Eye Firming Concentrate, the Expert Eye Duo combines the qualities of these two powerful products to help reduce fine lines and refresh the skin around the eye area.

The duo contains a product for both day and night, alleviating fatigued eyes around the clock. The Eye Firming Concentrate contains apricot, calendula and eye bright, helping to tone the skin around the delicate eye area. Applied to a clean face before bed, the serum worked wonders while I got my beauty sleep. The oily consistency is a rare quality in a product specifically targeted at the eyes, but I was delighted to find that it wasn’t at all greasy, and really helped to nurture my skin. The Ultra Hydrating Eye Masque contains oatmeal, white birch, eye bright and shea butter to nourish the skin around the eyes. Perfect to use in the morning, it is designed to reduce dark circles and wake-up tired eyes. A rich cream, it really worked to plump up the dehydrated skin around my eyes, leaving me looking alert and awake for the day ahead. You can use these products separately or together to rejuvenate your eyes! The Eye Expert Duo is available here for £72.

Friday Favourites - Nourishing Lip Balms

With cold weather and wind flocking our skin this season, our dry lips are in need of a moisturising treatment.  To help soften lips this spring we here at The Amazing Blog have gathered a few handbag sized lip balms (and pocket sized for men) to help keep your lips moisturised...and kissable!

Bomb cosmeticsBomb Cosmetics, a company specializing in natural and handmade lip treatments, believes in curing the body, face and lips with the powers of natural butters and pure essential oils.  With a love for all things green, Bomb Cosmetics containers and packaging are constructed with 100% recycled products; they also promise to never test products on animals!  Bomb Cosmetics channels their passion for the planet into their bright, natural and fun product designs.  Their lip care products come in various scents and flavours, all at an affordable cost!  We particularly love the Lipology Intense Lip Treatment balm in Chocolate Jaffa Orange, as it is designed to deeply moisturise and hydrate tough lips.  With ingredients like Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil and Fruit Oil, the Chocolate Jaffa Orange balm leaves a zesty chocolate scent on the lips that’s good enough to eat!  Unlike many balms, the Lipology Intense Lip Treatment in Chocolate Jaffa Orange does not leave a waxy coating on the lips, but certainly leaves lips feeling soft with additives of Aloe and Beeswax.  This pocket size lip balm is perfect for treating lips on-the-go Bomb Cosmetics Lipology Intense Lip Treatment in Chocolate Jaffa Orange can be found here for £2.49.

crazy rumorsNext we have yet another balm perfect for refreshing dry lips.  These natural and vegan friendly lip balms by Crazy Rumors make moisturising fun!  Designed by a couple with the passion to create an all natural & vegan lip balm, the recipe for a 100% natural and vegan lip balm was created.  Crazy Rumors lip balms include zero artificial aromas and all of the ingredients are certified organic materials.  Such natural ingredients used by Crazy Rumors are organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil, all perfect for moisturising and hydrating lips.   All Crazy Rumors flavours smell (and taste) amazing because they are slightly sweetened with a hint of Stevia.  Their lip balm flavours include Tea, Citrus, Ice Cream, Floral, Bubble Gum and others.  You can view the entire Crazy Rumors lip balm line here.  With a passion for natural products, it is no surprise that Crazy Rumors Lip balms can be found at Holland & Barrett locations, as well as online here, for £3.49 each.Hurraw

Sticking with the theme of vegan friendly lip balms, we have also discovered HURRAW!  Unlike most lip balms, HURRAW is not the typical girly, sweet smelling lip balm; rather all HURRAW lip balms are designed to offer a natural yet fun flavour and scent.  It is no wonder these balms have an organic flavouring, as they are constructed from wild-crafted, fair-trade ingredients such as seed oils and butters.   Some of the lip balm flavours offered by HURRAW include Almond, Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean and Mint and 17 other creative yet natural flavours.  Because of the unique taste and design of these lip balms, HURRAW balms are suitable for both women and men.  All HURRAW balms offer a layer of long-lasting protection without being too glossy for males.  Select HURRAW lip balms also include SPF.  They are also the perfect size for your handbag or your back jean pocket (gentlemen!).  Select your favourite, natural HURRAW lip balm flavour here for £3.99.

JSOur final nourishing lip balm find is by skincare artist, Jane Scrivner.  Uninterested in providing the repetitive skincare used by everyone else, Jane Scrivner uses raw ingredients with a proven track record.  Her care lines combines pure, natural and organic materials to feed skin with fresh nutrients.  As an award winning skincare company, it is no wonder Jane Scrivner offers a smooth and hydrating lip balm.  This 100% organic lip balm softens and moisturises lips with a tingly fresh finish with ingredients like Coconut Oil, She Butter, Wild Mint Essential Oil, Rose Hip Oil and Vitamin E.  For the best results, Jane Scrivner recommends users generously spread the lip balm on both the top and bottom lips daily.  This portable 5ml lip balm also doubles as a cuticle balm or an emergency spot moisturiser when your typical skincare rescuer is left at home.  Treat your lips (and dry skin spots) with the Jane Scrivner lip balm for £9 here.

May these naturally nourishing lip balms be the perfect pick-me-up for your dry lips and skin this season!

Jane Scrivner - Nourishing Cleanser

laras tuesday cleanser A few weeks back we featured on The Amazing Blog Jane Scrivner's Skin Elixir - a luxurious balancing face oil that leaves your skin feeling hydrated, restored and plumped. Today we're lucky enough to be featuring Jane Scrivner's hero product: The Nourishing Cleanser. I've waited quite a while to write this review on purpose - I really wanted to get the most of this cleanser. All I can say is that if I could, I would have a lifetime supply of this and never ever look back.

The product is a luxurious and thick balm cleanser that mixed with a bit of warm water turns into this almost creamy and ever-so soft cleansing milk. I use Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser every other day; whenever I want to treat my skin or when it's feeling a bit temperamental. This unique balm is Jojoba Oil and Beeswax based blended with 9 skin loving essential oils. Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Balm comes with a Fluffy Mitt that I wet with warm water and I gently rub on my skin to remove the cleanser and any make-up residue. The Fluffy Mitt is soft and it's easily washed in warm water with the rest of your laundry, or in my case, with the rest of my flannels.

The only things that I dislike about this balm (if 'dislike' is the best word to use... it may exaggerate what I want to say), is that I find that the balm doesn't have enough slip on the skin; that is why I need to add just teeny bit more of water. Overall, Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser has become a staple in my skincare routine - whenever I use it my skin feels soft, deeply cleansed and hydrated. This balm cleanser is a definite winner for me and for The Amazing Blog.

For a full list of stockists please visit Jane Scrivner's website. The Nourishing Balm retails at £45... and as Jane herself says "It's not just a cleanser, it's beautiful skin in a jar". Worth every single penny for sure.


Jane Scrivner - Balance Skin Elixir

edwinas thursday At The Amazing Blog we're true lovers of a good oil - we're just obsessed with hair oils, body oils and face oils. One of our early discoveries this year has been Jane Scrivner's Balance Skin Elixir. It claims to balance every skin type - from dry, to oily and dehydrated. Since December I've been using a face oil every evening, and ever since the texture and the appearance of my dry (now normal-ish) skin has dramatically changed for the good. When Jane Scrivner's Balancing Skin Elixir arrived to The Amazing Blog's HQ, I was running out of my regular serum of choice and I decided to give it a go - and I'm completely taken with it.

Jane Scrivner's Balance Skin Elixir's main ingredient is Jojoba - perfect for dry, dehydrated and oily skin alike... contradictory in terms, but it actually makes sense. Jojoba penetrates deep and merges with the skin's natural oils, tricking the skin to reduce or increase - in order to regulate - the production of sebum, transforming your skin to a balanced canvas.

My skin absorbes this fantastic oil almost instantly, leaving it soft, supple and healthy-looking and feeling. I just squeeze one pump onto my fingers, warm it rubbing my fingers and patting it onto my skin (not rubbing it). It is perfect either by itself or under your regular moisuriser.

As I said, I've been using face oils for a couple of weeks now, and the overall appearance of my skin has changed for the better. My skin is no longer dry  (it's much less dehydrated now) and I've found that oils have helped me a  fading scars (I have a small electrolysis scar just above my lip). At The Amazing Blog we can't recommend using face oils/serums enough and Jane Scrivner's has quickly become one of our favourites.  A little goes a long way and this 30ml bottle is still going strong - so a good price at £29 - which will probably last anything between - 30 to 60 days. We will also be writing about her Nourishing Cleanser which has been a real hit with Lara - but you'll just have to wait until February to read her review :o)