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Friday Favourites - Lip Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog, we always have a hard time finding the perfect lip colour. It’s difficult to determine exactly which brand and shade is just right for you, so we’ve decided to make it a bit easier by compiling some of our favourite lip brands and what we like about each of them.

Makeup by James is a line of lipsticks and lip glosses designed to give women a natural flawless look. The names of the products are inspired by famous streets and bridges in London. Makeup by James caters to the modern woman by using colours for all cultures to give a chic, modern look. We love this brand because not only is there a colour for everyone, but it is full of Minerals for a longer lasting colour and it's London theme comes through in every part of the product and brand. Our favourite lipgloss was Chelsea Bridge, not just because of it's vibrant colour but also its affordable price of £9.99 here.

Max Factor’s Lipfinity lip colours are hot, must-have shades that last all day. These glosses last up to 24 hours, and you can chose from 25 subtle to vibrant shades. First, you simply apply the colour, and then use the moisturising balm to keep the colour from coming off. This makes the gloss stay put for hours, which is what is so great about it; there is no need to reapply all day long! The Lipfinity lip colour is available for £10.99 each here at their UK distributor.

Oriflame Sweden makes The ONE colour lip gloss that is perfect for any occasion. It has lipgrip innovation that attaches to your lips for an anti-smudge result. It glistens and shines, which makes the lips the “centre of attraction.” There is also a blend of conditioners in the gloss to keep lips soft for lip-loving colour and shine that stays put! A lot of times, shiny lip gloss can be thick and tacky, but The ONE is not overly sticky. The ONE lip gloss can be bought here for £8.95.


The Rajeuner Lip Serum is a little different to the other products in this Friday’s feature, as it is for protection rather than appearance. It’s a unique formulation containing plant extracts and an SPF to ensure your lips are moisturised, repaired, rejuvenated and protected. A long-lasting treatment with a silky, silicone base which is completely free of petrochemicals and parabens, the serum slides on and is absorbed immediately into the lips, meaning there’s not stickiness which can cause havoc. The plant extracts and SPF also help to to prevent and soothe dry lips. This product should be applied when lips feel chapped or sore, something which I find happens all year round, making this a make up bag staple. The lip serum can be bought here for £12.00.

Couleur Caramel is a 100% natural makeup brand. The Gloss is perfect for dull, thirsty lips, and will add a radiant shimmer due to it's mineral rich composition. It is available in many delightfully chic colours. The gloss contains organic jojoba oil and organic apricot oil, which nourishes and moisturises the lips to make them as soft as possible. This all natural product is a great everyday look for those who are constantly applying lip colour. Each 9ml tube is here for £16.00 on the Coleur Caramel page. We all have our own preferences on lip colour and brands, so hopefully one of these will be just right for you!