Couleur Caramel

Couleur Caramel - Lipstick and Free Powder


Looking for a statement lipstick that won’t dry out your lips while adding bold colour and unbelievable shine? How about a loose powder that can blur imperfections and set your foundation to give your complexion a smooth finish? Here at The Amazing Blog we understand just how essential these products are, and Couleur Caramel cosmetics have got us covered.

The professional, natural and high-quality products made by Couleur Caramel satisfy all of our beauty needs. Their line is certified organic and is 100% natural, which means they’re good for the planet and for our beauty routine.

The lipsticks apply smoothly and evenly, plus they have buildable coverage so you can make sure the shade is as subtle or intense as you desire. With so many different colours in the line, there’s a shade for every skin tone and occasion.

No need to worry about your hair getting caught in your lip product ever again; the lipsticks are non-sticky and long-lasting, so say goodbye to makeup mishaps.

Just like the lipsticks, the loose powder from Couleur Caramel lasts all day and makes sure you look flawless and fabulous, when used on its own or after applying foundation. The lightweight feel and unbelievably smooth texture blends effortlessly into skin, absorbing excess oil and nixing any unwanted shine.

Do your vanity a favor and pick up these amazing products here as soon as possible. The lipsticks  are £15 each and the free powder  is £20.

Friday Favourites - Lip Balm Feature

We at The Amazing Blog love a good lip balm for keeping our lips moisturised. This week, we picked our four favourite balms that will ensure your lips stay soft and smooth all day long.

Stress from work and bitter, weather-induced colds can mean unsightly cold sores, which can affect your confidence and your party-ready image. Thankfully, we have the liquorice lip balm from Skin Shop to keep cold sores at bay and our lips hydrated. The lip balm contains liquorice extract, so it helps to reduce the severity and duration of cold sores naturally. It evens works better than most traditional cold sore treatments, but doubles as a chic balm that comes in a stylish, circular container. The liquorice balm is free of parabens, perfumes, MI and SLS and is clear and natural with a faint liquorice aroma. To cure your cold sores fast and prevent new outbreaks from occurring, get your own container from Skin Shop here for £7.95 and get ready to see immediate results and flawless lips.

For a fabulous lip balm you can share with your lover, we love the unscented lip balm from Dr. Harris & Co. because of its modern packaging and super moisturising texture. The balm contains menthol and cocoa butter, which are restorative properties designed to make you lips as smooth as possible. It’s unscented and has a lightweight texture that is never sticky or overwhelming, and feels as soft as butter on your lips. The product is luxurious yet affordable and was previously featured in the British Airways First Class bag. To get your own Dr. Harris lip balm, head to their website here and pick one (or two) up for £4.95 and get ready for a kiss-worthy pucker.


Trying to find a solution to dry, cracked, winter-damaged lips? Look no further than the transparent lip balm from Couleur Caramel cosmetics for an easy, one-step fix. The lip balm is loaded with super-nourishing ingredients and comes in a cute lipstick-style tube, rather than a standard lip balm tube or pot. Since it isn’t sticky and feels ultra-lightweight, you can apply it as often as you desire from its lipstick-style tube to instantly smooth and soften your lips. It applies cleanly and is a wonderful base before using your standard coloured lipstick. Get your hands on your own nourishing balm for £15 on the Couleur Caramel website here and never worry about chapped lips again.

For a fresh and tropical twist on your everyday lip balm, we highly recommend the lime and coconut lip balm from Filbert’s Bees, a 100% natural body care company. The lime and coconut lip balm is only one of many different balms the company makes, but this flavour is one of their best sellers. It comes in a cute, little tin that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. The organic coconut scent offers a smooth, buttery feel, while the zesty lime scent refreshes and awakens the senses. When combined, the two scents will transport you from your office to a tropical holiday whenever you use the product. To pick up your own Filbert’s lip balm, head here and purchase as many as you’d like for £3.85 each.

Lindsey's Christmas Wish List

This the season to eat, drink and be merry! Like most, Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year. During the holiday season, I truly enjoy indulging in the most pleasurable pastimes: eating sweets, browsing for new beauty products and attending fabulous holiday parties. Although I’ve already been out and about shopping for the perfect gifts to give to my friends and family, I have compiled a small list of some things I would love to see in my stocking this season. Whether it be food, skincare or make-up, these products would make the end of 2014 nearly perfect.

The holidays are just the right time to allow yourself a few extra sweets than usual. Thankfully, Merangz is offering a limited edition gift pack of tasty treats for Christmas. The Christmas Decadence Bites package features a selection of six festive flavours: brandy soaked fruit Christmas Pudding, Irish Whisky Gold, Dark Chocolate and Sicilian Orange, Vanilla Sherry Trifle, Chocolate and Cherry and finally, Peppermint Dark Chocolate.

Though my go-to choice for a bite-sized sweet is usually a macaroon, I was pleasantly surprised with the unique flavour selection this company was offering for the holidays so I decided to give Merangz a try. My initial reaction after trying these treats was shock—I did not expect them to taste so light and airy! The mallowy centre allows the treats to be enjoyed with no regrets. I did not feel guilty after eating them because unlike most sweets, they didn’t taste so heavy. The unique flavours and delicious taste of this collection made it impossible to just have one. Treat yourself this Christmas or purchase Merangz as a gift for a loved one online for £5.95 per box.

Holidays mean one thing and one thing only…party time! This season, I’m planning on attending a number Christmas parties, along with a big New Years celebration. When it comes to themed parties, I like to go all out with my make-up. My make-up routine for special occasions usually consists of a bold smokey eye paired with a bold lip. This year, I am looking for a lip brand that is chic, affordable and long lasting. Luckily, Couleur Caramel sent us samples of lipstick, because one I tried this product I knew I had found my New Year lip shade. Take a look at the lipstick along with a range of other make-up products on the Couleur Caramel website.

Drye Eye Gel small.jpg

Though the end result is fabulous, taking all of my make-up at the end of a long night tends to be a pain. Sometimes, I even fall asleep with it on! This unfortunately causes irritation around my eyes, which is why I’ve included Dry Eye Gel on my wish list. This product is a natural gel that includes a plant extract of Cardiospermum which is sure to soothe and heal any unwanted irritation. The gel has been tested on those who suffer from eye allergies as well, making the development of the product extremely gentle with the skin, which I find essential for around the eye skincare. Dry Eye Gel costs £6.95 for the 15ml and is available from Skinshop

Another product which I'm always on the lookout for at this time of year is the perfect perfume. We were so excited when The Perfume Studio sent us this Design Your Own Fragrance - The Ultimate Collection set. No longer will I have to hunt for my favourite fragrance - with this thoughtful kit, I can just make it myself! The set contains a collection of base, middle and top note scents, as well as pipettes, an atomiser and a beautiful perfume bottle. With the huge range of aromas to pick from, including Amber base notes, and Fruity top notes I can make a bespoke fragrance for any occasion. You can buy The Perfume Studio's beautiful Design Your Own Fragrance - The Ultimate Collection here for £95.

Fridays Favourites - Tanning Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know important staying safe in the sun is. However, we also don’t want to spend summer hiding in the shade and not getting that tan that makes all our friends a tiny bit jealous. So when a couple of products came to light which offered us super safe sun protection but also enhanced that healthy glow we all love and crave, we were so excited to try them out.

First of was the Green People Tan Accelerator. We love Green People here at The Amazing Blog, having featured them a few months ago here. Green People never test on animals, use no harsh chemicals (82% of ingredients are organic) and 10% of all profits are donated to charity, making them an ethical powerhouse. The Tan Accelerator is kind on skin, and is ideal for sensitive skin as it is suitable for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. It only has a 15 spf factor and a medium coverage rating, but it's wide UV spectrum allows for a healthy tan whilst blocking the super strong rays. At only £18.95 from the Green People website it’s a reasonable price compared to some alternatives and does a whole lot of good at the same time!

Do you, like us at The Amazing Blog, struggle with the beauty myth that is self tan? We have tried nearly every powder, mousse and liquid under the sun. Some have given us the flawless fresh of the beach look we desire. Others, however, have left us with carrot coloured legs that bring us to tears. When we heard about Caudalie, and the Bazaar Top 100 and Beauty Insiders Choice awards it won, we had to give it a try. The perfect solution for a ‘sun-free’ tan, the light, silky fluid sweeps on easy for a streak-less, sun kissed glow,which complemented my skin’s natural tanning tone. When applied to dry, clean skin, the one-tint suits all lotion melts on the skin and dries in a flash. The tan rinses off with water, so is perfect for one off events, or when in a hurry and the 92.8% natural origin ingredients make it super kind to skin and good for the environment! Caudalie is available here for £26.

Do you want that effortless, LA tan? Well, thanks to Madame LA LA you can now get it in a bottle. The Madame La La Tan provides an instant LA glow that develops in only 3 hours, making it one of the fastest acting tans on the market. The lightweight tinted mousse is a quick-dry ‘DD’ (dynamic do-all) Tan Perfector which infused with hydrating skincare benefits such as Coco Water, Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E. Coming in a ‘light’ shade as well as the standard tan, the innovative colour customising technology ensures your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your individual skin tone. Madame LA LA Tan Light lasts for up to 10 days meaning that constant re-application isn’t needed, and we felt like we had spent 2 weeks on Malibu Beach! Madame LaLa is available here from Feel Unique at £36 for 200ml.

Sun-kissed powder n2 151231.jpg

We love finding new bronzers to complement our summer tans. When we received the Sun-Kissed powder from Couler Caramel we were immediately blown away by the super cute embossed floral pattern on the powder itself. This kind of thing is mainly only seen on high high end designer brands so it was lovely to see an organic brand doing the same. The powder’s unique texture ensures easy application, delivers a silky finish as well as long-lasting hold. It is designed to be blended as desired with the powder brush to create beautiful depth. Its iridescent and matte multi-shades deliver an instant healthy glow effect. The different tones in the powder itself make it multipurpose, and can be used as a bronzer, a blusher or a highlighter. With all the ingredients being from natural origin and 10% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming, the chemicals and processed elements of other cosmetics just aren’t present here. Available in six shades, the Couleur Caramel’s Sun-Kissed Powder can be purchased here.

Skeyndor Tanning Control Cream

A new product type we are seeing in suncare, the ‘sun protection/tanning product’ has been adopted by Skeyndor as they present their Tanning Control Cream. It is an spf product which also has a medium protection SPF 20. Fresh from its Sun Expertise line, the cream is made with the best knowledge and expert ideas to create a powerful tanning cream that still protects the skin, especially in the face area to the overall aging.

The Sun Expertise by Skeyndor a range of specific sun protection products allows you to enjoy your daily dose of Vitamin D without fear of invisible consequences. With a combination of classical filters built in, Sun Expertise products protect you without burdening your skin with the slick, sticky feel of commercially available sunscreens & lotions.

Friday Favourites - Lip Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog, we always have a hard time finding the perfect lip colour. It’s difficult to determine exactly which brand and shade is just right for you, so we’ve decided to make it a bit easier by compiling some of our favourite lip brands and what we like about each of them.

Makeup by James is a line of lipsticks and lip glosses designed to give women a natural flawless look. The names of the products are inspired by famous streets and bridges in London. Makeup by James caters to the modern woman by using colours for all cultures to give a chic, modern look. We love this brand because not only is there a colour for everyone, but it is full of Minerals for a longer lasting colour and it's London theme comes through in every part of the product and brand. Our favourite lipgloss was Chelsea Bridge, not just because of it's vibrant colour but also its affordable price of £9.99 here.

Max Factor’s Lipfinity lip colours are hot, must-have shades that last all day. These glosses last up to 24 hours, and you can chose from 25 subtle to vibrant shades. First, you simply apply the colour, and then use the moisturising balm to keep the colour from coming off. This makes the gloss stay put for hours, which is what is so great about it; there is no need to reapply all day long! The Lipfinity lip colour is available for £10.99 each here at their UK distributor.

Oriflame Sweden makes The ONE colour lip gloss that is perfect for any occasion. It has lipgrip innovation that attaches to your lips for an anti-smudge result. It glistens and shines, which makes the lips the “centre of attraction.” There is also a blend of conditioners in the gloss to keep lips soft for lip-loving colour and shine that stays put! A lot of times, shiny lip gloss can be thick and tacky, but The ONE is not overly sticky. The ONE lip gloss can be bought here for £8.95.


The Rajeuner Lip Serum is a little different to the other products in this Friday’s feature, as it is for protection rather than appearance. It’s a unique formulation containing plant extracts and an SPF to ensure your lips are moisturised, repaired, rejuvenated and protected. A long-lasting treatment with a silky, silicone base which is completely free of petrochemicals and parabens, the serum slides on and is absorbed immediately into the lips, meaning there’s not stickiness which can cause havoc. The plant extracts and SPF also help to to prevent and soothe dry lips. This product should be applied when lips feel chapped or sore, something which I find happens all year round, making this a make up bag staple. The lip serum can be bought here for £12.00.

Couleur Caramel is a 100% natural makeup brand. The Gloss is perfect for dull, thirsty lips, and will add a radiant shimmer due to it's mineral rich composition. It is available in many delightfully chic colours. The gloss contains organic jojoba oil and organic apricot oil, which nourishes and moisturises the lips to make them as soft as possible. This all natural product is a great everyday look for those who are constantly applying lip colour. Each 9ml tube is here for £16.00 on the Coleur Caramel page. We all have our own preferences on lip colour and brands, so hopefully one of these will be just right for you!