Penelope and Parker

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We are all guilty of carting about way too much stuff in our handbags. Currently mine contains, alongside the usual paraphernalia; an ‘emergency’ chocolate stash (Kit Kat Chunky and a Boost in case you were interested), a broken padlock from my bike chain, 2 pairs of sunglasses (for some reason one is not enough) and a carton of Ribena. Consequently I am left feeling disorganised and short on space, a little help and incentive to get my act together would not go amiss.

I love a big bag, but they only serve to encourage me to fill them with yet more bits and pieces I can really live without. British luxury brand Penelope and Parker have come to the rescue with their uber-stylish range of bags, which have the added bonus of being laptop bags in disguise. The Lizi Caramel is my fave, designed to fit a 13.5” laptop in its removable faux fur (purrrr) lined laptop sleeve. It also has the handy additions of a removable makeup/cable bag and shoulder strap. Internal dividers and pockets allow you to go all organisation stations. Or you can remove the dividers, ditch the laptop and live in merry squalor – with a very stylish bag on your arm.

Lizi Caramel £295 is stocked at Selfridges.