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At The Amazing Blog, we’re always on the search to find a great sunscreen that (1) doesn’t make us look like pale and zinc-y and (2) protects as well as moisturises our skin. We’re happy to report in that BB Lifestyle’s Ultra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 is everything we want and more…

Based in California, BB Lifestyle is a luxury unisex skincare brand that aims to educate people in the way that they view skincare offering a more holistic approach. Bill Bakho the founder, makes sure that his brand is all natural, with no-filler and that it is a ‘multi-tasking, easy-to-wear sun screen that is inspired by nature.’ He also claims that in their natural skincare range they deliver dermatological-grade results. After using the Ultra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen first hand, we agree that its non-greasy, weightless formula left us feeling both protected and pampered. Besides being SPF 30+, their signature, luxury sunscreen is made with seaweed, orchid and algae extracts as well as their patented HC56Complex, which is a hemp oil that provides anti-oxidant benefits to your skin. The sunscreen also has anti-ageing benefits with added UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum to help prevent skin damage. Another added plus for those of us with sensitive skin is that the full BB Lifestyle range are also vegan including the Utra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen.

Application of the Ultra-Luxe Moisturizing Sunscreen is like any sun cream. A small amount applied 15 minutes before you are out in the sun and re-apply every two hours. This will leave your skin feeling protected yet glowing. We used it also as a primer under makeup, which worked a treat! To try living the #BBLifestyle you too can purchase their 100 ml tube of signature sunscreen for £49 on their website here.

The One Skin Range

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If you are a skincare aficionado like us at The Amazing Blog , this newly launched skincare brand One Skin has a range of products that are just for you! One Skin prides itself on creating skincare made for specific lifestyles, focusing on long-term skin health rather than short-term results. If you live in a heavily polluted area or if you regularly exercise (yes, this can also affect your skin), then One Skin offers products to target all your specific concerns.

In 2005, British skin expert Noele Hammett, officially launched her exclusive skincare range One Skin to her salon clients. Moving forward to 2018, she finally unveiled her full collection of tried and tested, gentle but efficient, cosmeceutical skincare range to the public. What makes this range special is that contains only the finest results driven bioactive ingredients. All these products are free from sulphates, parabens, fragrances and colours, making the line perefect for everyday use.

I met Noele at a trade beauty event in London, where we engaged in conversation about my skincare needs and she very kindly gave me three of her products to try.

Let start with the cleanser PH Cleansing Wash. Like in any good skincare routine, the first step is always to prepare the skin in order for serums and moisturisers to perform their job correctly. One Skin’s sulphate-free pH Cleansing Wash removed grime, oil and make-up while still hydrating and soothing my skin in the process. One of the key ingredients is Lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, which helps to protect against any damage or build up, without irritating the skin. Other surfactants in the wash like the sunflower and coconut oils gently yet deeply cleanse while still leaving skin soft and not feeling uncomfortably tight. I noticed that this cleanser left my skin feeling soft, not taut as some other cleanser have done. I used a small amount of the wash mixed with water to lather and cleanse both in the morning and evening. The pH cleansing wash is available here for £17.60 for the 50ml bottle and £32.00 for the 100ml bottle.

The next step is to repair any damage which skin the has received from living a fast-pace, polluted life in the city (i.e. me in London!) One Skin’s City Repair Serum does just that by stimulating collagen synthesis, protecting your skin in the process. The serum ‘s key repair ingredients are built around a soothing seaweed extract containing minerals such as sulphur, iodine, calcium, magnesium and selenium to maintain collagen generation. Not forgetting the major ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerine, which further condition and protect the skin. After cleansing, I applied 1-2 pumps of the serum morning and night and allowed for a few minutes to get complete absorption. To purchase the 30ml serum for £60 click here. If you aren’t living the city life like me, don’t worry One Skin has five serums targeting different lifestyles like the Stress Repair Serum, Holiday Repair Serum and even a Party Repair Serum. Check the full Repair line here.

Finally, after the City Repair Serum, I then applied my last skincare step with Noele’s amazing Wonder Age Cream. This rich moisturiser helps to lock-in the serum’s skin protective properties. The Wonder Age Cream is just one of the five moisturisers offered in the range. The Wonder Age Cream is the anti-ageing cream in this range and I noticed that combining this with the City Repair Serum that it not only hydrated and nourished my skin, but also it brightened my complexion. The Wonder Cream is made with resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and a variety of muscle-relaxing peptides, these ingredients work together to improve the complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For best results I applied two pumps morning and night, and then in the morning went ahead and applied my foundation and make up. To purchase the 30ml bottle of Wonder Age Cream for £74 click here.

All of these products and the rest of the One Skin line are available at their Skin Clinic located in Essex or online on their website here. Not sure where to start? There is a skin consultation questionnaire on their blog here that will help you to choice the right products for you and to understand your skin better. Finally to say, that we were THRILLED to see that our new discovery, One Skin, has won 3 x Editors Choice Awards in the prestigious 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards for their Wonder Age Cream, Eye Repair Serum and The Cosmeceutical Apothecary Set. We say don’t miss out on trying this new result driven skincare!

Red-Out Calming Cleanser, Red-Out Serum - Repechage

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At the Amazing Blog, we like to use products that are both good for our skin and tackle any environmental aggressors. We recently discovered the brand Repechage who create natural beauty products made with beneficial and potent ingredients from the ocean.  

The first product we received was a Red-Out Calming Cleanser. This facial cleanser is useful especially if you have easily irritated skin. It works with micro silver which works to combat the build up of unwanted bacteria on the skin. This product will have you seeing significant improvements in a short space of time! The combination of seaweed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories such as Quercetin and Rutin aid in restoring, protecting and balancing your skin. 

Following the cleanser, Repechage's recommend that you then use their Red-Out Serum, which works wonders on hyper-sensitive skin and with conditions such as rosacea. The product also uses micro silver to give an added protection to the face while also delivering essential vitamins to the skin. We would recommend using a light amount of this product twice a day to see the best results possible. 

You can purchase the cleanser here for £37.75 and the serum here for £62.75

Organic Seaweed Skincare by Seavite

Here at The Amazing Blog, we are always searching for new and innovative products that live up to their benefits labels. Our latest find is Seavite skincare, which uses pure botanicals and seaweed extracts to transform your skin back to its youthful glow. We now have found Disney Ariel’s beauty secret to gorgeous skin!

We were sent Seavite Organic Seaweed Moisturising & Replenishing Face Creme, Hydrating Anti-ageing Lotion, and Hydrating and Soothing Toner, and the luxurious packaging instantly caught our eye. To give you a quick science lesson, seaweed produces two components when hydrolyzed: Oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides—both hydrate and replenish the skin whilst strengthening the skin barrier and destroying harmful enzymes. By using Seavite, you will also benefit from anti-ageing properties and UV protection. Best of all, the products work well for all skin types! Our favourite product was the organic seaweed face crème, which left our skin feeling soft, supple, and ready for the week ahead. We promise there's no seaweed smell either!

For that youthful glow, get your Seavite Products here and on Amazon ranging from £14 - £38.19

Sapooni - Salty Seaweed Body Polish

Here at The Amazing Blog, we’re all about championing smaller, artisan brands. It seems as though the skincare market is so saturated with companies claiming to be perfectly organic, or promising unbelievable results that they just can’t deliver. So we’re always delighted when we find a diamond in the rough; an independent brand that shines through. Our most recent love is Sapooni, a natural, handmade brand from Cornwall.

With a huge range of products to choose from, there really is something for everyone in the range. The Mucky Men collection contains all natural products, formulated especially for men who work outside. The range includes a Moustache & Beard Balm, and Hand Cream to name but a few, and all contain the most nourishing ingredients, perfect for caring for your skin. They have also formulated an aptly named Teenage Dirtbag range, which is perfect for teens prone to blackheads and breakouts. Their Teenage Dirtbag Soap is formulated to draw out excess oil and dirt, as well as including natural antiseptics, tea tree and arnica. It’s super gentle, so you can use it daily to help combat those pesky spots.

Last but not least, we tried some wonderful products from Sapooni’s Seaweed Range, and fell in love. Packed with minerals and vitamins, seaweed is an amazing skin detoxer. We particularly liked the Salty Seaweed Body Polish. Clearly packaged with care, the elegant glass jar looks great on the bathroom shelf. Sea Salt acts as a great exfoliating base, and is combined with intensely moisturising components like Mango Butter, Olive and Sweet Almond Oil, making it such a decadent treat for your skin. And with seaweed that’s hand-harvested from the Cornish coast, we can’t help but think about our wonderful jaunts to the seaside every time we use it.

Grab yourself a Salty Seaweed Body Polish Kilner Jar here for £18, and check out all of the homegrown products that Sapooni has to offer here.