Shaken Udder

Vanilla and Chocolate Uber Udder- Shaken Udder

Milkshake lovers rejoice! Have you tried Shaken Udder’s newest creation- the Uber udder? The cow-loving funky brand has released their milkshake in Chocolate and Vanilla in a large 1 litre bottle, and we, at The Amazing Blog tried both.

Firstly the Vanilla milkshake has a smooth pure taste, being 95% Semi-skimmed Milk and less than 5% sugar; you can get a decent calcium intake from only one glass without going overboard on sugar. Compared to other supermarket brands, Shaken Udder chooses to refrain from adding any unwanted nasties from their ingredients, allowing a large amount of milk and gaining the familiar vanilla taste from Vanilla seeds.

We also tried the Chocolate version; and we absolutely loved the strong chocolate taste. It reminded us of Belgian chocolate but the milkshake is still less than 5% sugar, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, one glass is sure to take care of those mid-afternoon sugar cravings from it’s velvet chocolatey taste. If you need any more reasons to purchase the milkshakes they are suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and only uses the best British milk, supporting British produce.

Shake off the sugar cravings with Shaken Udder Uber Udder Vanilla or Chocolate, they can be purchased from a variety of supermarkets including Waitrose for £2.29.

Salted Caramel Milkshake - Shaken Udder

We love indulging in our childhood memories at The Amazing Blog; whether it’s remembering making sandcastles on the beach on a hot summer day or getting muddy in the park and climbing up that big oak tree. After tiring ourselves out we would go into the kitchen and our mothers would make us a delicious cold milkshake. So, you can imagine our excitementwhen we receivd the new Shaken Udder’s Salted Caramel Milkshake.

Using only the finest of natural ingredients, Shaken Udder has produced a collection of heavenly milkshakes and their newest addition is no exception. Blended with Malden sea salts, smooth caramel and Semi Skinned British milk, Shaken Udder provides a mouth-watering combination of sweet and salty. We had the first heavenly taste just opening the bottle when a sweet and embracing smell met our senses. Every sip is a pleasant discovery of milky creaminess and aromatic caramel with that unexpected hint of Maldon Salt. We loved the packaging just as much as the product and their clever cow mascot was enough to tempt us. We love indulging in things that are 'slightly' naughty but nice!

This time Shaken Udder really wanted to run the extra mile and we think they truly made it. Make your palate sing with joy; you can get a single bottle of milkshake here for £1.30 or create your own selection of milkshake here

Friday Favourites - Healthier Sweet Treats Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know how much joy a yummy sweetie can bring us on a Monday or after a long day at work. A sweet treat brings pleasure and is a fun way to balance out our healthy diets. We love experimenting with all sorts of different snacks and sweeties, and we’ve compiled a few of our favourite healthier sweet treats to share with you this Friday.

As expected from our chocolate-loving staff, we ate two bars of the speciality chocolate from Seed and Bean in only a few short minutes. There are so many delicious flavours to choose from in three different varieties: dark, milk and white chocolate. We received the Just Ginger Fine Dark Chocolate and the Rich Milk Chocolate, and both were heavenly. If you’re looking for something a bit more eccentric to satisfy your adventurous taste buds, they have a few very interesting dark chocolate flavours such as: Chilli and Lime, Lavender, Mandarin and Ginger and Pumpkin Seeds with Hemp Oil. 

Beyond their delectable taste, they’re also 100% organic, ethical and fair trade. All of their chocolate bars are produced at a small facility in Northamptonshire, England in order to save food miles and provide local employment. 

Pick up a few of the chocolate bars here to satisfy the chocolate lover in your life. The standard 85g bars are £2.49, but smaller 32g bars are only 99p. They also have exquisite gift sets if you’re rather buy in bulk or share the gift of chocolate with someone you care about.

These delicious milkshakes from Shaken Udder satisfy our sweet tooth without guilt. They are made with fresh British milk and all-natural ingredients, filled with calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones. They’re low in fat and sugar, so you don’t have to worry about racking up too many liquid calories.

The three flavours to choose from are: chocolate, vanilla and banana. Each one is loaded with great taste and flavour. The consistency of the milkshakes is the perfect balance between a glass of milk and a thick, standard milkshake. This makes them easy to drink and extremely portable, as they are packaged the same way bottles of milk would be sold, but have the milkshake satisfaction you desire.

You can purchase your own bottles of Shaken Udder milkshakes at Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for £1.49 each.

For a unique chocolate experience, we loved trying the aromatherapy dark chocolate bars from JustBe Botanicals. These chocolate bars aren’t your stereotypical plain chocolate bars – they provide benefits that common aromatherapy oil treatments provide the body.

The two varieties we tried were JustBe Detox and JustBe Loved, contained first in clear plastic packaging and finally in an adorable polka-dot envelope, and finally with a blue or pink wrapper advertising the flavour on the front. The detox chocolate contains cleansing Jupiter, fennel and milk thistle, bringing a savoury blend to a normally sweet treat, while still satisfying your chocolate cravings. The loved chocolate is a bit more romantic, since it is infused with pure rose oils and aromatic rose petals, which you can see and smell when you open the bar. We highly recommend the two chocolate bars and we loved every bite.

Pick up a set of the two bars here for £8.50, or you can buy the detox and loved chocolate bars individually for £4.50 each.

Last but not least, we really enjoyed the sweet marshmallow treats from Mallow and Marsh. The independent brand offers a new spin on the standard marshmallow treat to bring a fresh experience to consumers. Since marshmallows are naturally low in fat, high in energy and gluten-free, they’ll satisfy you without the bloat or guilt.

The brand’s current flavours are: Raspberry, Roasted Coconut, Peppermint & Dark Chocolate and Vanilla. Other flavours set to launch in the near future are: Coffee & Walnut, Raspberry & Liquorice and Violet Cream. They love experimenting with new varieties and tastes, all made without preservatives and additive, so be on the lookout for even more flavours in the future.

The office favourite marshmallow was the raspberry flavour, made with 100% natural raspberry, since it was tart, sweet and delicious. You can pick up your own marshmallows here, starting at £3.