Salted Caramel Milkshake - Shaken Udder

We love indulging in our childhood memories at The Amazing Blog; whether it’s remembering making sandcastles on the beach on a hot summer day or getting muddy in the park and climbing up that big oak tree. After tiring ourselves out we would go into the kitchen and our mothers would make us a delicious cold milkshake. So, you can imagine our excitementwhen we receivd the new Shaken Udder’s Salted Caramel Milkshake.

Using only the finest of natural ingredients, Shaken Udder has produced a collection of heavenly milkshakes and their newest addition is no exception. Blended with Malden sea salts, smooth caramel and Semi Skinned British milk, Shaken Udder provides a mouth-watering combination of sweet and salty. We had the first heavenly taste just opening the bottle when a sweet and embracing smell met our senses. Every sip is a pleasant discovery of milky creaminess and aromatic caramel with that unexpected hint of Maldon Salt. We loved the packaging just as much as the product and their clever cow mascot was enough to tempt us. We love indulging in things that are 'slightly' naughty but nice!

This time Shaken Udder really wanted to run the extra mile and we think they truly made it. Make your palate sing with joy; you can get a single bottle of milkshake here for £1.30 or create your own selection of milkshake here