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With the sun out in full force today, all of us here at The Amazing Blog are in the holiday mood.Unfortunately fo us, holidays are a long way off, but that's not going to dampen anyone's mood as we are sampling Uslu Airlines fun airport-inspired lipstick line. Renowned makeup artist Ferdie Uslu founded the brand and adopted the airport motif after creating her first line around airbrush makeup techniques.  Working with air inspired the brand to name their products after airport codes, giving them a playful cosmopolitan feel, which perfectly reflects the brands exciting and distinctive image.

Each lipstick has a unique shade that embodies the destination they are named after. For example, the pink AMM lipstick is named after the AMM airport in Jordan, which was itself named after Queen Alia. Going into a work meeting with this elegant, reserved and natural pink shade on will make you feel like a queen too. Meanwhile, the dark-plum PAO lipstick mirrors Palo Alto, the edgy home of countless trendy tech companies. What we love about these lipsticks are the different looks you can achieve with them. Apply one layer for a tinted, subtle day look and add a few more layers for a richer, bolder evening look. The versatility means that you only have to carry one lipstick around with you, and if you're a lipstick addict like we are, this is a big plus.

What's more, Uslu Airlines’ lipstick line is cruelty-free and contains Vitamin E, which acts as a repairing oxidant meaning that as well as making your lips look gorgeous, it nourishes them too; this is a far cry from the often drying nature of other mainstream lipsticks. The company is based in Berlin, so, unfortunately, all the product prices are in Euro's, but fear not you can use PayPal to purchase these amazing lipsticks.  Prepare for take-off by choosing from Uslu Airlines’ lipstick line here from about £21.00. 

Uslu Airlines Nail Polish

USLU BLOG image We all know that it is not just the formula of a product that makes you want to purchase it. Everything from the name of the product to the packaging should interest the consumer. If there is one company who has very ‘cool’ marketing, packaging, and products, it is Uslu Airlines. Uslu Airlines was founded by a Turkish make-up artist and German entrepreneur, and they are taking the cosmetics world by storm. We recently tried one of their lipsticks in the colour HOH, which we featured on The Amazing Blog here, and absolutely loved the power of the colour. When we heard about their new release of nail polishes, called ‘USL’, we knew we had to try them out!

The USL range by Uslu Airlines features nail polishes in a delicious array of colours including two glitter shades. We were able to sample CUN, which is a lovely bright orange, that we think will be suitable to any skin tone. It applies very smooth and two coats of the polish did the trick for my nails. We think this is the perfect shade of pumpkin ready for Halloween!

If you didn’t already know, Uslu Airlines refers to the names of their products as ‘destinations’ with each product having the name of an airport around the world. CUN stands for the Cancun International Airport in Mexico and I think that this is an incredibly fitting name for the colour. It is bright and tropical, but will work just as well for autumn. The USL range has a variety of colours from light pinks to red, so there will definitely be something for everyone.

Uslu Airlines has a wide range of products available, from the USL nail polishes to their vibrant lipsticks and airbrush makeup. To purchase the USL nail polishes or learn more about the brand, visit the Uslu Airlines website.

Uslu Airlines Lipstick in HOH

  usluimage1Summer: a time for Destination Vacations, Fun, and of course new Cosmetics! When it comes time for summer, I am always eager to try new products. In my mind, it is a time for bright weather, and even brighter lipstick. We received Uslu Airlines new HOH Lipstick here at The Amazing Blog, and this has been the perfect opportunity to use it.

Uslu Airlines is a German Luxury Cosmetic brand that is breaking ground in the terms of colour and formulation. Each product is named after an Airport somewhere in the world, from the most well known, like JFK, to the most small and obscure. Uslu Airlines even ‘likes to call their products destinations’ themselves.

The HOH Lipstick was born out of the collaboration between Uslu Airlines and Susanne Kaufmann, an organic beauty expert. Kaufmann’s ‘Organic Treats’ line is having their 10th anniversary this year, and with it comes the HOH Lipstick which is named after the Hohenems Airport in Austria. The first thing I noticed about the lipstick is the sleek packaging. Just like an airplane; simple and modern. Open the tube, and wow! The brightest of corals is staring back at me. But don’t be afraid, this colour can really work on anyone. It is a rich red/pink with just a hint of orange. These three tones mean it will work on virtually any shade of skin. And as we all probably know, coral is the colour of the summer! The lipstick is formulated for ‘superior skin compatibility’ with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. HOH also has buildable coverage, so you can go from sheer to matte in just a few swipes. The lipstick was easy to apply and kept my lips moisturised all day. My only negative concerning the product is that the lipstick does contain synthetic ingredients.

Uslu Airlines HOH Lipstick is such a perfect choice for summer. From the juicy coral colour to the buildable coverage, it is sure to be one you won’t want to miss out on. It retails for €24.00 or £20.53 on their website.