Beyond Skin Deep Moisture by Dafna's

Dafna’s way of life personifies the concept and essence of natural beauty. We at The Amazing Blog completely resonate with Dafna’s product ideology. Dafna sent us one of their hero products their award winning moisturiser Beyond Skin Deep Moisture+  .

The signature Moisture+ aromatherapy cream is based on bio essential oils and plants extracts with an advanced biotechnology. The scented cream gives your skin a perfect yet naturally aesthetic boost. The prominent presence of ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and hydrolyzed wheat protein; in its highest quality maintain skin hydration. Extra Potent Neroli and Rosemary essential oils enhance the skin’s renewal capacity. Extracts of Plantago, Bamboo and Mimosa repair and hydrate skin.

Beyond Skin Deep Moisture + effortlessly allows the skin to revitalise, regenerate and hydrate without allowing the skin to come in contact with chemically enhanced ingredients. 

You can purchase the Dafna Beyond Skin Deep Moisturehere in for £60.00 

Beauty Vitamin - Vitness

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know that beauty comes from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That is why we pay just as close attention to what we eat and drink as what we put on our faces. Luckily, we’ve just come across a tonic that makes us feel good both inside and out.

Vitness BEAUTY VITAMIN gives our skin the ultimate boost! Each bottle is packed with skin-firming collagen peptides, potent antioxidant Resveratrol, and anti-aging vitamins to hydrate, illuminate, and revitalise the complexion. As a bonus, the drink is also low in sugar and lightly sparkling to speed up absorption of the ingredients. It comes in three fragrant flavours: cucumber & melon, elderflower & chilli, and rhubarb & rose. We tried the elderflower & chilli flavour, and it really awakened our senses!

Vitness BEAUTY VITAMIN tonic will be soon available to buy on their website. For the time being, you can currently get it at Harrods, Harvey Nichols nationwide, Grace Belgravia, Equinox Gym and high end retailers in Dubai.