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Brow Fibre Extend by Eye of Horus

It’s no big secret that The Amazing Blog is a huge fan of strong brows, so if you combine that with our favourite Australian make-up brand, Eye of Horus, get ready for an effusive post. We have, for a long time now, been in love with Eye of Horus. Not only are their cosmetics fabulous and long-lasting, but they are cruelty-free, vegan-approved, paraben free and rich in precious oils and waxes.  There is a reason that this brand continues to pick up award after award, most recently winning Best Mascara and Best Eyeliner at the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards, and it’s because of the quality of their ingredients. Their new Brow Fibre Extend collection continues to incorporate ancient ingredients to deliver the highest quality products possible to make you feel like a real goddess. The Brow Fibre Extend is the first of a few exciting products that Eye of Horus is releasing over the next few months, so watch this space!

The Brow Fibre Extend creates fuller, thicker and more volumised brows. With a buildable formula, the product lengthens and thickens eyebrows and fills any patches or imperfections effortlessly, creating a natural but defined look. This new, waterproof range is available in three shades; Dark (Nile), Medium (Dynasty) and Light (Husk).  Mineral pigments are used to give a subtle and natural colour to the products. The long-wearing formula contains two types of seaweed (Canaliculate Extract and Laminaria Digitata) as well as Moringa Oil, which assist in brow hair growth and health. The micro applicator allows for both a delicate feathered look and a bold, impactful look. 

The Brow Fibre Extend is a great day-to-day product that instantly adds definition and volume in one smooth stroke, making it perfect for the girl on the go. You can buy your very own Brow Fibre Extend for £19 from My Beauty World here, so go and become the goddess you were born to be. 

See the Brow Fibre Extend in action here.