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PÉRGATIS – Brows Revitalising Solution

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It’s no secret that eyebrows seem to be a current beauty obsession. At The Amazing Blog, we’re big fans of all eyebrow products, particularly those that will help them grow! Looking at the brow icon Cara Delevingne, it makes us all want to have those thick, perfect and shapely brows. Many brow trends come and go and unfortunately for some of us this has led to over-plucking, which has now caused gaps and thinning. We heard lots of good things about the Pérgatis products, so when received the Pérgatis Brows Revitalising Solution to strengthen and thicken the brows, our reaction was something like what Ariana Grande would say: ‘I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it’.

Over 15 years ago, Dr Amir Jafri who is a medical doctor by training, began to experience hair loss and was introduced to a natural haircare product based in Malaysia. After seeing the unbelievable results, he decided to invest in this brand. Initially launching in the Asian market, the satisfaction rate was high and thus the demand grew so fast, that’s when he decided to take the brand global, hence creating Pérgatis, the personal care group. As a pioneer in the field of hair growth and also with his experience and background in business management, Pérgatis was assured an outstanding start. The name Pérgatis derives from the work Pergamon, an ancient city in Turkey (now known as Bergama). This city was recognised worldwide due to Galen, the man that revolutionised the knowledge of human health, and therefore, the brand wanted to pay homage.

Pérgatis Brows is a 100% natural product that’s rooted in Ayurvedic methodology. The main ingredients are nigella sativa seed oil, black mustard extract, olive oil, sesame seed oil and hydrogenated egg oil; all of which enhances the growth of the brows making them stronger and thicker. Easy to apply by gently massaging 1 or 2 drops of Pérgatis into your brows, then leave the product on until fully absorbed, which is about 4 hours (or it can even be left on overnight). NB when applied at night the liquid is dark amber in colour, so they suggest covering your pillow to avoid staining the bed linen. Pérgatis Brows will help to create voluminsed brows filling in imperfections . Results are normally visible in approximately 6 weeks – we did notice a slight density at 4 weeks but we still need to persevere a little longer to see more of a difference.

You can buy your 10ml dropper bottle of Pérgatis Brows here for £39.00 and make it part of your daily routine, to help achieve those defined and full eyebrows you have always longed for.

Brow Fibre Extend by Eye of Horus

It’s no big secret that The Amazing Blog is a huge fan of strong brows, so if you combine that with our favourite Australian make-up brand, Eye of Horus, get ready for an effusive post. We have, for a long time now, been in love with Eye of Horus. Not only are their cosmetics fabulous and long-lasting, but they are cruelty-free, vegan-approved, paraben free and rich in precious oils and waxes.  There is a reason that this brand continues to pick up award after award, most recently winning Best Mascara and Best Eyeliner at the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards, and it’s because of the quality of their ingredients. Their new Brow Fibre Extend collection continues to incorporate ancient ingredients to deliver the highest quality products possible to make you feel like a real goddess. The Brow Fibre Extend is the first of a few exciting products that Eye of Horus is releasing over the next few months, so watch this space!

The Brow Fibre Extend creates fuller, thicker and more volumised brows. With a buildable formula, the product lengthens and thickens eyebrows and fills any patches or imperfections effortlessly, creating a natural but defined look. This new, waterproof range is available in three shades; Dark (Nile), Medium (Dynasty) and Light (Husk).  Mineral pigments are used to give a subtle and natural colour to the products. The long-wearing formula contains two types of seaweed (Canaliculate Extract and Laminaria Digitata) as well as Moringa Oil, which assist in brow hair growth and health. The micro applicator allows for both a delicate feathered look and a bold, impactful look. 

The Brow Fibre Extend is a great day-to-day product that instantly adds definition and volume in one smooth stroke, making it perfect for the girl on the go. You can buy your very own Brow Fibre Extend for £19 from My Beauty World here, so go and become the goddess you were born to be. 

See the Brow Fibre Extend in action here.